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But very few people know that Ming Bufan hurt his vitality in that battle, so that his realm remained stagnant and gradually declined. After that, there was no more rumors about him, and some just said that he had been closed. Now, it\’s hitting the higher realm and so on.

Four fairies, starlings are in retreat, and they are temporarily unable to see guests. I\’m really sorry. The young boy said apologetically.what?Retreat?The three women’s pretty faces have completely changed. What status they are, they are the superior princesses of the Huang clan. The four princesses came together to meet the descendants of an ancient protoss branch. They are already very face-to-face for each other. They have been waiting here for a long time. Needless to say, in the end, the other party refused to meet with them on the grounds of retreat, which made them unable to vent for a while.I\’m so angry, let us wait for so long without saying anything, and even refuse to see us.Maybe this Shanghai is really at the critical moment of retreat and attacking the realm… Thirteen Sister said weakly.Anyone who retreats and impacts the realm is obviously afraid of seeing us.This guy doesn\’t need to see us. Why bother about him? Go back and tell your third sister that this guy is too arrogant, but only a descendant of an ancient protoss branch. It really doesn\’t matter if you are a direct descendant of the main clan. The three women were furious. .FTLN 0809 I am not a manThree days passed in a hurry.The second round of the Hundred Races Conference is about to begin. Compared with the first round of assessments, the second round is the beginning of the real contest. This is not only a 300-year event for the ancient gods, but also a place where the ancient gods compete for treasure and resources. .now!The hall is already full of people. Except for the Lingxuan Sword which is still in retreat, the spirits and gods are almost there. Everyone has a little excitement on their faces, especially the young children, because they are about to participate. This grand event, and saw the true strength of the young generation of the ancient protoss in the Wilderness.Hao\’er hasn\’t come yet? Ling Zhantian couldn\’t help asking when seeing only Ling Xuanhao below.The eighth brother hasn\’t arrived yet, will he still be cultivating? Ling Xuanhao only noticed that Shanghai was not among the crowd.Grandpa, I\’ll call the eighth brother. Ling Xuanbiao said.Well, there is one more hour, you go quickly. Ling Zhantian nodded slightly.Immediately!Ling Xuanbiao withdrew from the main hall and quickly rushed towards the residence in Shanghai. He arrived at the residence in a moment. Seeing that the entrance door was closed and the barrier opened, he suddenly realized that Shanghai was still cultivating.The eighth brother is still cultivating, wait a while, if half an hour has not come out, call him again.


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