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In ancient times, great mountains were alive and tenacious. They were called Lingshan. Some allusions even recorded that even the Supreme Lord could only destroy the ten-mile area, and Lingshan could repair itself, and even some Lingshan could be repaired. Spiritual wisdom has become a powerful cultivator… Shanghai remembered the many allusions he had read. If this place is an ancient place, then the roar of the beast…

Of course, this is my guess, but when your parents left, they were in a hurry. Maybe they were worried that the true gods would find you. Alas, the two daoists did not expect that you would be with the true gods. I met…Why is the True Nether God Clan looking for me? Shanghai puzzled.Although he didn\’t know the whereabouts of his parents, he finally got some clues. At least the parents are still alive. They have enough strength to protect themselves. After reaching the realm of the Three Worlds, there is no problem living for 100,000 years, as long as there is no accident in the middle. .It should be because your mother is privately with your father. The gods of God\’s Domain have never allowed blood to flow out privately, and they have extremely strict control over blood. It\’s a big sin in the gods\’ clan. Bo Yi said.Even if it is a serious crime, the blood and family affection are ignored? Shanghai said in a deep voice. Compared to the heart-warming affection of Lingshen\’s line, he didn\’t feel these things in the monster man, and some was just a selfish pursuit of interests.Bloodline affection…Zhu Yi sighed, \”The big clan that dominates hundreds of worlds has tens of billions of clan members. Even among the family members, as long as the interests of the clan are involved, they can be killed…\”Shanghai was silent for a moment. In fact, he understood this and understood a little bit, why his parents would leave, because the True Nether God Clan is too big. If the two of them left behind, they will not only be unable to fight the True Nether God Clan, but will also give the Spirit God a line. , And bring the disaster of death.Since his parents left since childhood, Shanghai\’s soul has an indelible impression. When his father left, the helplessness in his eyes was not understood at the time, but now he finally understands a little bit.This time you killed a descendant of a direct descendant. Even if you have the blood of a fellow godling, the true gods will not let you go easily, so you must go, leave here, and wait until you are strong enough. , Come back again, this is not an escape, but a choice, understand? said Zhu Yi.I understand. Shanghai nodded.He can\’t stay, because this will harm the spirit and god line, even the Vast Sky Saint Sect, and everyone around him, so he has to go, but he still has to worry about it, that is, after he has gone, What about grandpa? There are others…Senior, my grandpa has a dark wound on his body, can Senior…Shanghai gritted his teeth and said, he knew this request was difficult to start, but at the moment he had no choice but to ask Bo Yi for help.Don\’t worry about this, I will try it. At least it will be no problem to delay your grandpa\’s life for a hundred years. As for the rest of the people, you don\’t need to worry, I will take care of you. said Bo Yi.Thank you senior.Shanghai hurriedly bowed his hands and bowed his salute. If he was guarded by the wings, he would be relieved, \”Senior, rest assured, I will take care of the Tyrannosaurus rex.\”Yeah! Ao Yi nodded.Chapter 0939 Spirit WorldAfterwards, Shanghai returned to the Eastern Desolate Haotian Sacred Sect. The Earth Race and the Celestial Race were still recovering their bloodlines. He had not yet awakened. He handed over the battle spirit to Huo Lie. As for the method of fusion, the Earth Race has inherited it. , There is no need for him to worry about it.


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