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\”Sister Shen, you should try this jade card!\” Jane said with a look at Shen Hongyan\’s disappointed expression.

Wu Qi\’s face changed suddenly, and he could naturally see that Shanghai hadn\’t been shot to death, but had disappeared out of thin air inexplicably, and the breath still existed, but it became looming and elusive, which made him feel surprised and inexplicable.what happened?Wu Pei\’s heart was full of doubts. When he saw the ancient pagoda, his expression sank slightly, \”Did that kid enter the land of extreme speed? How is this possible? The land of extreme speed has existed since ancient times, and there is only one in the legend. It\’s just a chance for someone to enter it…If he does enter, then this kid will have a big chance…\”Just as Wu Qi was thinking, the figure of the golden evil beast also disappeared, and this scene made him slightly!Shanghai has stepped into a weird area, which is full of all kinds of distorted spaces, some of which are superimposed on each other, and some of them are extremely far apart. It gives him the feeling of being trapped in a region composed of countless spaces, chaotic and chaotic. Disorderly.Let\’s rest here for a while and recover from the injury. Shanghai Xin said.Now his limbs are mutilated and his body is severely damaged. If he encounters some trouble in this weird area, he will probably fall here. He immediately took out some high-grade gods and began to absorb them to restore the peculiar power of the ancient magic blood. .Ow…There was a roar, and Shanghai was suddenly cold. When I turned around, I saw the huge figure of the golden evil beast slowly emerging, and the pair of red eyes stared at him firmly, and I wanted to completely He looks like a broken body.It\’s coming in too…Shanghai\’s complexion was tense, and his heart sank to the bottom. He immediately remembered that the golden beasts are forbidden objects and can travel through space. Their vision is different from that of the rest of the creatures.I originally thought that I could take a breath, but I didn\’t expect the golden evil beast would chase it, but at this moment, Shanghai was absorbing the high-grade god source, and it was difficult to move for a while.The golden evil beast slapped it angrily, and its huge palm pressed down towards Shanghai’s head. The speed of this palm was much faster than before. Shanghai could only watch the palm slap on his head. When the palm was pressed down, that palm suddenly disappeared.not dead……Shanghai was stunned.Roar……A painful roar came.Shanghai turned his head quickly, and saw a golden evil beast not far from him. Its body seemed to be cut into countless pieces. Each piece was twisting, but it couldn\’t merge. On its side, it was It is a densely stacked space.With the twisting, these spaces became more distorted, and the body of the golden evil beast was broken more, and the black and gold blood flowed out along the broken place.


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