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After more than half an hour, two more white beads appeared in Jianxi\’s hands, without any luster and commonplace, but Jianxi could feel its purity. When she squeezed them in her hands, two marble sized beads broke into powder. Gently, those pulp powder floated to the refined skeleton, just like the transparent beads before, The distribution is very uniform.

Obviously, these three recognized themselves.He and Ming Yuyan have already covered their faces, and the disciples of the Zhan Sect’s outer sect can still recognize themselves this day. Either the other party has used some secret method, or they have the certainty of knowing their true appearance, remembering that these three people left. When I let go of the harsh words, Shanghai has become more affirmed of this idea.I once said that you will regret it.A disciple of the outer sect unscrupulously said: \”This time Brother Feng makes a move, you just wait for vomiting blood. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that Brother Feng is ranked tenth in the arena.\”Ranked tenth…Shanghai recalled the rankings on the Battle of Gods of Death. Indeed, there was a guy named Fengxin at the tenth place. This man had a very strong record, reaching a level of four hundred victories and thirty-two defeats. This is the winning rate. Has reached more than 90%.Looking at the silent wind letter, Shanghai felt a little uneasy, because this person had a strange smile on his mouth from beginning to end.Maybe it\’s my own illusion.Shanghai didn\’t stop Ming Yuyan, because this was just a bit of a bad feeling she had, and she was still unclear, and she didn\’t even figure it out. If you tell her, let\’s not say whether Ming Yuyan will Believe, even if you believe, will not stop.after all!There are two more games. As long as you win this one, the chance of getting the sixth-rank high-level attacking artifact will be increased by 20%, and the opponent has declared war. Ming Yuyan has only two choices, either to give up or continue the battle. Going on, she will naturally not choose the former.Even if he changed Shanghai himself, he would not choose the former.Open the bet. Fengxin said lightly.Six Thousand Supreme God Source. Ming Yuyan said directly.That\’s it?The corner of Fengxin’s mouth swept up with a long arc, “It’s okay. Anyway, this one is just for casual play. Let me take it. I can only say that your luck is really good.” He had already lost it during the conversation. There are six thousand best god sources.Ming Yuyan was no exception, and threw the Six Thousand Supreme God Source onto it.Soon!The hands of the two were pressed on the battlefield.The onlookers closed their mouths, all their eyes were focused on the battle god killing field, and many people\’s eyes were full of scorching heat, because Feng Xin was the tenth strong person on the battle god killing field. It\’s rare for a character to make a move, and it\’s quite rare to be able to see it last time.


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