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Jane Xi planted some of these three kinds. The plants in the soil grew very fast. She had harvested two crops of such LingMi. Some were kept for planting, and some were threshed and collected with a solar thresher.

Senior doesn\’t need to persuade anymore, my heart is determined. Shanghai said firmly.Well… Lu Dao sighed, \”Little friend, be careful, I\’ll wait for the little friend to return.\”Yeah! Senior take care.Shanghai arched his hands and cast his eyes on the opening of the light gate. After taking a deep breath, he stepped directly into the light gate…boom……The endless Hengyu is constantly flashing in front of you, and Shanghai seems to have fallen into the endless void. This is not a dream, nor is it teleportation, but is controlled by some powerful and incomparable force, which is beyond his control. The power of the imaginable realm is under control.In an instant!Hengyu disappeared. Standing in front of Shanghai are nine quaint giant towers. The first one is one-story, the second one is two-story, and then the ninth one is nine-story. Each tower is separated by thousands of miles. Distance, and in themIn between is an unfathomable out……The spirit of the ancient road emerged, \”The trial has begun. After three breaths, this land will be destroyed by the catastrophe of heaven and earth. There is the only way of life on the top of the ninth tower. You have to completely open the first tower. Road, you can enter the second tower, and you, only five years, more than five years, if you can\’t reach the ninth tower, you will undoubtedly die…\”After speaking, the spirit of the ancient road disappeared.suddenly!Rumbling…This misty world began to tremble, and the rocks on the earth shattered one after another, and then they melted quickly as if they were burned. I saw the extremely dark flames under the earth, roaring like mad dragons, they Has the most terrifying burning power in the world.Although there are still thousands of miles away, Shanghai has already begun to feel scorching hot all over, and even the skin is burning red.The abyss black flame is slowly rising, swallowing the entire land.Shanghai did not hesitate, and quickly stepped into the opened first-story tower. As soon as it entered, a fierce opportunity emerged, and all the hairs on the body were smashed, and then all kinds of magical skills were bombarded. Although these magical skills are only Grade 9 That\’s it, but the power is extremely terrifying, it is actually urged by the power of the Eighth Blessed One\’s reincarnation artistic conception level.呲…A determined magical skill passed by Shanghai’s chest, the clothes were instantly scratched, and a blood stain was drawn on the hard skin, and the blood did not flow out, because Shanghai has urged the ancient magic to regenerate and let the wounds. Restore everything.


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