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There are Hua ling\’er with a bitter face and Gao Shuang next to her like a small white flower. However, Jian Xi doesn\’t like Gao Shuang, which seems weak, but it is full of deep eyes. The eyes are very deep, but Jian Xi, who is deeply a woman, has noticed it at the first time and doesn\’t like it very much.

What do you mean by this? Shanghai frowned.It\’s meaningless. Reading on the feelings of the year, I won\’t hold you accountable for killing my subordinates. Let\’s go. This nine-color light gate is of great use to me, so I must get it. Sen Luo Shen Said the voice.Nine-color light gate…Shanghai has already noticed the light gate that emerged from its side. This light gate appeared after the activation of the Taikoo Monument. I don’t know what\’s inside, but my parents have been here in the past and opened the Taikoo Monument. Maybe there will be any clues left.His eyes suddenly noticed not far away, there was still a breath of strange evil spirit, Shanghai Consciousness Sea suddenly opened, the soul power quickly dissipated, and swept towards the evil evil spirit, at this moment, the knowledge dragon appeared, following the consciousness. The sea opened the direction and rushed towards the soul.Still coming…When Shanghai saw this, he was not surprised and rejoiced. Shilong\’s shot surprised him, and at the same time it made him catch an opportunity. Seeing Shilong dive into the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness and quickly approached towards the soul, he quietly Bring together gang knowledge.At this time, the Dragon Consciousness is only a short distance away from the soul. At its speed, it can penetrate into the soul in an instant. At the very moment of the moment, all the gang consciousness shrouded from all directions, violently collected, and the original one rushed up. Knowing the dragon, was immediately wrapped up by Gang knowledge.Grabbed… Shanghai did not hesitate, and quickly released Gang Consciousness, wrapping the Consciousness Dragon in three and three layers. After confirming that there were no omissions, he withdrew his mind. From the beginning to the end, he and Consciousness The battle of the dragons is not only a flash.The Dragon Consciousness, which is wrapped in Gang Consciousness, struggles desperately, but still cannot break free. This is Gang Consciousness, not ordinary spiritual consciousness. Both in terms of resilience and quantity, it far surpasses ordinary spiritual consciousness, not to mention. The Gang Consciousness in Shanghai is already comparable to the powerful person of the First World Honored One.After trapping the Dragon Consciousness, Shanghai\’s tight heart relaxed slightly. What he was most afraid of was that the Dragon Consciousness suddenly shot at a critical moment, which would be even more troublesome. This major hidden danger was temporarily solved, at least without the moment. Worried that the soul will be swallowed.The power of the soul rushed into the sea of ​​consciousness of the different evil spirits. Although he was a different cultivator, he already possessed spiritual wisdom and memory. The sea of ​​consciousness had already recovered, so except for the difference between the body and the cultivator, the sea of ​​consciousness It doesn\’t make much difference.As soon as the soul power touched, Shanghai quickly acquired the memory of Yisha.suddenly!A black wave of light hits.boom!Yi Sha was swallowed immediately, his body burst into pieces in an instant, and even the Sea of ​​Consciousness was quashed.Sen Luo… Shanghai\’s soul power was retracted, and his face changed slightly. It was Sun Luo that had just shot, so that he could only obtain a part of the incomplete memory, but he didn\’t expect Sun Luo to be so cruel, even his own. The subordinates must be killed.The power of the soul is so strong, your soul should have undergone transformation? Sen Luo slowly retracted his hand and looked at Shanghai with a little surprise.Shanghai was slightly surprised, but at this moment he was digesting part of Yi Sha’s memories. Although these memories were a bit messy, they let him see the long-awaited news with a trembling heart, and a pair of men and women stepped into the nine-color light gate. , And then disappeared. The man and woman were not others, but their own father and mother.


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