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In the first two days, the meals of Qi Jiexing were sent into his room by Jian Xi, and he was left with a jade card of prohibition in his room. When he practiced, he could open the prohibition to prevent others from disturbing him.

Mu Wanran stared at Shanghai for a long time, her eyes gradually flashed with inexplicable disappointment and regret.Master Lin Chen, this time thanks to you waiting for the rescue, Wanran was able to save her life. Mu Xuezong also avoided the disaster of extermination. This great kindness and righteousness will be remembered by Wanran and Mu Xuezong. If Lord Lin Chen has Where I need help, I will mention it in the future, as long as I Mu Xuezong can do it, I will do my best. Mu Wanran said, her voice soft, but majestic.She didn\’t call it Benzong because she saw the scene of Shanghai fighting the Seven Evils. Even as a god general, she couldn\’t help being shocked at the time.Shanghai is only at the level of the third world respect, and the seven evil spirits are already high-level gods. If you compare them according to the level of the world respect, the seven evil spirits are equivalent to the powers of the fourth world respect. The difference between the two is a whole realm. He is one of the heirs of the Evil King Divine Palace, and his aptitude and ability, even if placed in the same level, are top-notch.However, Shanghai has crossed a whole realm, severely inflicted on the Seven Evils, and almost killed them on the spot.With Shanghai\’s ability, it will not be difficult for him to become a king in the future, so Mu Wanran will not treat him as a younger generation, only as a peer, and maybe even Shanghai will be able to become a king in the future. If it is an elder, it will be difficult to talk to Shanghai when it grows up in the future.There is indeed something to ask Sect Master Mu for help. Shanghai said bluntly.Please say.But before that, I would like to ask Sect Master Mu to help me solve a few doubts. Shanghai said.Chapter 1249Mu Wanran didn\’t speak, she stared at Shanghai beautifully, as if she had already seen his thoughts, and then nodded slightly.Sect Master Mu, have you ever seen Lai Xia? Shanghai asked.You saw my memory, right? Mu Wanran asked instead without answering.Although she was in a coma at the time, she didn\’t know everything. At that time, she noticed that Shanghai\’s consciousness had penetrated into her sea of ​​consciousness, but at that time, she did not resist because it was to help her recover from her soul wounds.Yeah! Shanghai did not deny it.I don\’t know if I have seen you, but the first time you appeared, it made me feel very familiar, very similar to the person I met when I was a child, but for some reason, at the second glance, I knew that you were not He, although you are very similar to him, you are not. Mu Wanran shook his head.Who is that person? Shanghai asked.I don\’t know, I don\’t know where he came from. I only know that he is like a dream I had. It\’s very strange… Mu Wanran whispered: \”At the time he told me that we two had a previous life. After some history, he said that he owed me a lifetime, so this time he came over and gave me something like that so that I could practice hard.\”That thing…Shanghai naturally knows what it is, that is, the Horcrux that contains terrifying power that Mu Wanran has transformed into the silk garment. As for that person, he is definitely not himself, otherwise, he will definitely have this part of the memory.


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