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\”Should it be level 3? However, she hasn\’t passed the assessment of Dan teachers\’ Association and can\’t count.\” Hua ling\’er thinks that without the assessment of Dan teachers\’ Association, it\’s wild road. On the earth, it\’s the difference between professional doctors and barefoot doctors. It\’s completely informal. This is the only thing she can take out and despise her.

Seeing the respectful appearance of the elders and palace lord, the deacons and young strong men present could not help but speculate on the identity of the old man.Palace Lord?Some older deacons stared at the old man for a moment, and suddenly one exclaimed: \”I know who this senior is. He is Ye Jun, the former palace lord of the Dayan God Palace.\”The Night God King… Some older deacons couldn\’t help taking a breath.Dayan God Palace!In the middle-level days of the Gods’ Domain, he was a great overlord, and his palace lord Ye Jun was a god king with amazing power and a reputation for hundreds of thousands of years, but he was later collected by the four great imperial palaces. Jun didn\’t know whereabouts.Some people think that Ye Jun, the palace lord of the Dayan God Palace, was taken away by the four great imperial palaces, and he furiously killed the four great imperial palaces, and eventually fell. There are also speculations that the Ye God king was discouraged and walked away. , To pursue that higher realm.There are many speculations, but the God King who does not stay overnight seems to have disappeared in the middle of the entire God\’s Domain, leaving only a section of his legend, which is extolled by future!The Night God King was still alive and came here.What is even more shocking is that the words of the Night God King, he is no longer the Palace Master, just a steward, who can make the unruly Night God King yield and become a steward.Shanghai didn’t understand the Night God King, but from the Night God King, he keenly felt the unmatched horror aura. Although there was only a trace, it was enough to shock people, even if it was given by Elder Situ. My feelings have never been so strong.As for the person who is shrouded in gauze and who is difficult to distinguish between men and women, Shanghai is unable to detect anything. Naturally, he will not use divine consciousness. After all, there are so many divine kings present. I was aware of it, but I consciously told myself that this person was a great enemy I had seen in his life, and his expression suddenly became solemn.At this moment, the Night God King cast his gaze upward, and the old undead gaze met with him. The Night God King, who was still smiling, suddenly exploded with a terrifying aura, even the elder Situ and so on. People can\’t help being surprised.Old fellow, you are still alive. The Night God King stared at the old immortality.You haven\’t died, how could this deity die. The old undead replied indifferently, without even looking at the Night God King.Do they know each other?The elders and palace masters present were startled. Judging from the reactions of the two, they obviously knew each other, and they didn\’t seem to be very eye-catching. Otherwise, the Night God King would not exude such an astonishing aura.At this time, the Night God King glanced at Shanghai and said meaningfully: \”Boy, this old guy is not reliable, you should better not follow him, lest he might be used as a backstop later. Yours. The aptitude is good, I wonder if you are interested in following the King of God?\”Accept disciples?


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