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The upper government is very large, and the spirit in the government is full. I want to arrange a large-scale soul gathering array. The pavilions and carved fences in the government are beautifully arranged, and the plants are also shining. There are many spiritual plants with only ornamental value but no medicinal value.

Well, except for the four elders of the Qiantian Temple, no one knows who is ranked first, but I heard that it is a woman, and the strength is said to be comparable to the major pavilion masters of the Eighteenth Pavilion. Hei Pao Deacon said.The masters of the Eighteenth Pavilion…Shanghai took a deep breath. There are such enchantments among the people of the same generation. You must know that the strength of the major pavilions of the Eighteen Pavilion is the peak of the high-level gods, and many of them are even below the level of the gods. Invincible, these figures were among the top figures even in the middle days of God\’s Domain in the past.The number one person on the Heavenly Moats list has reached such a level…It seemed that I took the Heavenly Graft List too simple, not to mention this mysterious woman, even the second-ranked Nirvana was already terrifying, reversing the black prison and getting through the second layer.Chapter 1295Reversing the Hell…The blood in Shanghai boils, and everyone else can do it. He naturally wants to try it, and he doesn’t want to stay in this black prison for hundreds of years. , Maybe it will be difficult to find a trace after a few years.Therefore, it is necessary to get through the second layer as soon as possible to reverse the black prison.Here! The black robe deacon waved his cuff, and everyone stopped, only to see a special seal in front of him.This is the entrance to the black prison? Shanghai frowned.Of course it is the entrance to the black prison.The black-robed deacon seemed to have seen Shanghai’s thoughts, and explained: \”It seems that you should have been to the Hell of Purgatory. This is what really imprisons the strong who has committed a fault.\”It turns out that this is the case, and Shanghai already understands it.Without saying anything, the black-robed deacon played a series of special seals, and the seal gradually faded away, and the entrance was slowly opened.suddenly!An extremely powerful force rushed out from under the seal, and saw a man in ragged clothes soaring into the air. The vast momentum actually shook the silver armored strong man at the seal back for a while.Haha, I finally came out. The ragged man screamed with his head up, and he was about to rush out.Bold, go back to this deacon. The black-robed deacon\’s eyes condensed. In the void, the god quickly turned his might into a huge black hand and pressed against the ragged man. The latter saw it, fiercely. He raised his head, and there was a raging blue flame all over his body.Bang!


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