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Xiao Siyu said this. After thinking about it, Jane rose up and came to the center of the river. With one hand, she brought the man back to the bank and put him on the withered and yellow grass. Now it\’s late autumn. The weather is very cold and the grass is withered and yellow. Seeing that winter is not far away.

For many gods, it is the realm of lifelong pursuit.boom……The power of the attack and killing of the two old monsters hit the sky moat pattern, the already disconnected level, under this terrifying blow, suddenly collapsed, able to withstand the combined attack of the two high-level gods, the sky moat Huang Wen is already strong enough.After losing the defense of the sky moat and barren pattern, Shanghai was completely exposed to the two bosses.Boy, get out of here.The old man wants to make you feel bad. Tian Luo roared hoarsely.It looks like I\’m going to disappoint you.Shanghai raised his right hand suddenly, his eyes condensed, and a crisp sound came, and then an endless sense of heaviness emerged. The golden light fell from the sky and hit him, causing waves of ripples. Seeing that the sky cup that was originally hung not far away has been hung on top of his head at some time, and those ripples are formed by the sky cup.what……The sky cup was actually taken by you… Jiuxing almost vomited blood. He was refining, but it fell into Shanghai\’s hands. Although I don\’t know what method to use, this sky cup Obviously it has been controlled by Shanghai.Bang…The earth-shaking loud noise came, and the power of the attack and killing of the two old monsters blasted on the cup.Shanghai\’s cheeks tightened, because he couldn\’t be sure whether the cup was completely blocked. Under the pressure of the two bosses, the cup was deeply recessed, and the aftermath of horror hit his body and shocked him. There was a thumping sound, like a sledge hammer hitting his chest fiercely.Yu Wei is very strong. Fortunately, the ancient demon sacred body in Shanghai can bear it, and the cup is still being pressed inward. The ripples of golden light have been distorted to the extreme, and they are about to burst. The old monster\’s hand suddenly withdrew a point.I saw the two old monsters faceless, and there was a trace of panic in their eyes.Looking at the top, the power of law has been condensed, the time of three breaths has obviously passed, and the power of law that has been continuously condensed has reached an extremely terrifying level.go!Boy, you never want to get out of the City of All Things. Tian Luo threatened with a ferocious voice.Immediately the two old monsters turned back and ran away, only to break free from the power of the law, so that the strength to withstand would be weaker.Being almost driven into a desperate situation by the two bosses, Shanghai has long been suffocating a breath. Now that he sees the two bosses fleeing in a hurry, how can he give up such an opportunity to beat the dog.


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