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Now the whole Dan teachers\’ guild, from the low-level friars at the bottom to Qinhuai Road, the president of the branch of Dan teachers\’ guild, has begun to pay close attention to Jian Xi.

These four god emperor avenues last for one breath at most, so people must be sent up as soon as possible.boom……The mysterious god of the Primordial Revival had already made a move, and with his hands, there was a horrible force that covered the sky and the earth. The whole Qingbi Hall was immediately turned around, and the king of the ruling tribe, still The Shura Dragon, with a behemoth body, was also pulled over.The vastness of the power, threw the entire Qingbi Hall onto the first avenue, and along with the Qingbi Hall fell into the first God Emperor Avenue, that avenue suddenly disappeared in front of you, together with the Qingbi Hall and Shura. The dragon and the god king of the cruel tribe have completely disappeared.Seeing this scene, the faces of Wuyu Divine Venerable and the others changed suddenly, and they suddenly realized that this Divine Emperor Avenue can only be stepped into once, that is, once someone touches it, this Divine Emperor Avenue will disappear.Unexpectedly, the mysterious god of the Primordial Resurrectionist would be so powerful. It seized the opportunity and sent the Primordial Resurrectionist into it first. Now there are only three avenues left, which means that the four imperial palaces may only have The three imperial palaces can directly enter it.The three avenues of god emperors were quickly disappearing, and they couldn\’t tolerate the thoughts of the gods and the others, and the three of them immediately glanced at each other.boom……The three gods worked together, and the four halls above the four imperial palaces were pulled over in an instant. Obviously they planned to send the four imperial palaces into the three remaining avenues together to see if it could work, but they were on the sidelines. The Six Profound God Venerable had anticipated this a long time ago.Qiang Qiang… The fierce piano sound came out, and endless rhythms emerged, like endless spears fired together, I saw the two of Shanghai were pulled over, and the speed quickly exceeded the four great imperial palaces, toward the second avenue of gods. The direction fell over.suddenly!Special lines appeared on the three gods. These lines were connected to each other. The momentum of the three rose suddenly. The four halls that had been slowed down a step were suddenly pulled over, and they were with Shanghai. At the same time fell down.The chain of gods…you are really willing to pay your blood. The Six Profound gods snorted coldly, did not say anything, the matter is at this point, and it is useless to say anything, and the rest is only up to the two people in Shanghai. How to grasp it, what he can do, he has already done.With the landing of the four halls, the three avenues of god emperors suddenly disappeared.At this time!With the inner layer closed and the outer layer torn apart, some god kings have already rushed into it. Some god kings were shaken away on the spot, and some passed through safely. There is no way, but those who stepped in showed ecstasy.Subsequently, a large number of strong men followed suit.The Six Profound Gods and others did not stop, and there is no need to stop it. The possibility of the inheritance of the ancient God Emperor Yu in the outer layer is almost zero, and they have to use energy to close the gap, and there is no need to do those troublesome things. , Anyway, the rift will recover sooner or later.After everything was done, the Six Profound Gods and Liao Baishu hid in the void, and the Wuyu Gods and the others also returned to the three fierce beasts and the giant golden armor. The next thing was to wait, because they were The gods were unable to step into the inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu….


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