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The host was also a stunned child at this time, but even if he recovered, he said: \”the Taoist friend on the second floor offered 6000 top-grade spirit stones. Did anyone increase the price? Did anyone increase the price? If no one increased the price, then 6000 top-grade spirit stones will be the first\”.

I don’t know how big the place of inheritance of the overlord god emperor is. Shanghai is like sinking into the ocean. To find the inheritance left, I don’t know how long it will take. Apart from the invasion of the waters, in this endless ocean, There is a more terrifying power, and that is the vortex.Although it looks similar to the ordinary ocean, the whirlpool here is completely different, and it contains the power to dominate the god emperor.After searching for six hours, Shanghai did not know how many waters it had crossed, but he could not find it. However, he did not rush to continue searching. Instead, he stopped above a relatively gentle water area, and at the same time pondered about the God Emperor. Information.Overlord is a god emperor achieved in the mid-primary period. He ruled an era. In his era, the era of Wanyuan, this era was not very long. It lasted about three million years. Replaced by the rest of the era.The main reason is that when the overlord god emperor became the god emperor, his lifespan was almost exhausted, and finally got a chance to break through to become the god emperor, so the overlord god emperor only had two million years of life. , In the end, it was unable to withstand the invasion of time, and finally passed away.If you are a god emperor, where will you put the inheritance?Shanghai looked around in the distance, and the waters didn’t know how vast the waters were. If this went on, you might not be able to find them for a lifetime. After staring for a while, I closed my eyes and allowed the waters to carry myself by the flow, drifting in the waters, he didn’t know it. where.Suddenly, a vast and terrifying and majestic aura was sensed in the perception. This aura existed in the waters, as if it existed everywhere.So it\’s like this…Shanghai suddenly realized it, and immediately grabbed it and grabbed a cloud of flowing water, followed by an ancient barren pattern staggered above it. The cloud of flowing water actually condensed incomparable power, but this power seemed to be conscious. .Suddenly, flowing water turned into a majestic old man\’s face.Bold junior, dare to invade this god emperor, don\’t stop quickly. The old man said angrily.Under the god emperor?Shanghai smiled, \”You can scare others, but to scare me, you are not enough, but only a sliver of the remnant soul of the god emperor, you dare to call yourself the god emperor, let me destroy it.\” Shaking, the ancient wild pattern scrolls, bringing forth bursts of ancient meaning.Do not……The remnant soul roars, but it is difficult to resist. It is only a trace of the mind left by the overlord god emperor. It has already become another unique creature. This creature lives on the soul that devours creatures, but it meets I arrived in Shanghai. After seven times of transformation, the soul is already the nemesis of this kind of creature.In an instant, the remnant soul disappeared. After losing the control of the remnant soul, the stream of water became more pure. As the ancient wild patterns interlaced, the endless ocean melted into the stream of water in Shanghai. Including all the emperor patterns and imperial prestige of the overlord god emperor, as well as the remaining power.Soon, all the power was integrated into the stream of water, and there was no drop of liquid in the entire land of the god emperor\’s inheritance.Although there is only one ball of flowing water in Shanghai, it contains the terrifying power of the overlord god emperor, which belongs to the inheritance of the god emperor, and the imprint of the god emperor has been completely wiped out by the ancient wild pattern. In other words, this group is pure god emperor inheritance and power, which can be acquired by suitable people, and can be absorbed in a short time and reach a very high level.Shanghai originally planned to give it a try to see if he could absorb the power of the overlord god emperor, but the purple fox had already come.


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