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\”Well, let\’s go now.\” Jane Xi thought that the thirty spirit beads were not much. Even if she gave Zhang Rong a rebate, they were pitiful. She didn\’t care about these small things. Therefore, a group of two big and one small people walked towards the area where many animal carts were parked in the distance.

On the Mie Shen Qin, the seven strings corresponded to Bi Yuelan, and the two were actually integrated.Not only Biyuelan, but Mu Ningxue who was on the side also broke through under this extreme crisis. A more powerful holy light emerged from the whole body, and the scripture in his hand was shattered and turned into a crystal-like piece. Feather armor surrounds her.There was no horrible eruption sound, but the void burst like ripples, and quickly spread to the surroundings. Even the extremely ice emperor pattern on the top was wiped out, and the scene in front of me seemed as if the end is coming. The expressions of Tian Zhi and others have completely changed, desperately resisting.Some powerhouses could not stop them and were crushed by the broken void, and even the screams were not made in time.Click…The sub-emperor artifacts of the emperor Shengtianzhi and others suddenly cracked, and their faces completely changed. Only then did the quasi-god emperor Chiyue leader’s shock aftermath be unable to break the sub-emperor artifacts, and this set off inexplicably Lianyi shook their sub-emperor weapon unexpectedly cracked.Although the sub-emperor weapon was not the main refining item of the god emperor, it also had the existence of the emperor pattern and the will of the god emperor, and it was smashed by it.The exploding void showed no signs of stopping, but continued to spread. The entire void in the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace was completely shattered. If it were not supported by the Extreme Ice Emperor Pattern, it would probably collapse directly. Even so, this explosive power Spread beyond the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace.In the extremely ice sea area at this moment, around the extremely ice imperial palace, there are already many giant beasts smelling blood and surrounding the imperial palace.As the broken void power spread, all the giant beasts were crushed one after another, and a large number of scales were dropped. Each of these scales was crystal clear, containing concentrated extreme ice and cold air, which is the root of the giant beast\’s body. It is also the purest extreme cold air that they have produced after countless thousands of years of refining and refining.A figure appeared outside the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace. It was a man with white temples. This man had a peculiar mark on his chest.It was a mark of the Mie Shen inheritance, but in this mark of the Mie Shen inheritance, there was an extra mark that was the opposite of the Mie Shen inheritance.Countless extreme ice scales, accompanied by the man\’s move, were constantly shooting into him, and they were absorbed by him frantically. On the top of his eyebrows, there appeared a special pattern, and this striped road contained extreme extremes. The imperial intent of Ji Bing Di Palace had a great similarity.After absorbing all the extreme ice scales in the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace, the man\’s body showed a stronger chill. He slowly turned his head and looked into the depths of the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace, his eyes pierced with incomparable depth, and a hint of it. Reluctant.Are you going back soon too…The man murmured: \”It should be soon, and I am looking forward to seeing you, but not now, but in the future. When I recover all my strength, I will come to you. Our grievances back then are not over yet…I hope this time , You can recover as soon as possible…\”Withdrawing his gaze, the man with white temples looked out of the extremely ice sea, his pupils shining with a hint of joy, \”It is about to recover, very well, my beloved, you can\’t wait, right? Those guys are also waking up. , The upper heavens of God\’s Domain… I\’ll go and see them first, the subordinates of the past, I hope you don\’t let me down…\”call out……The man with white spots on the temples disappeared, and the coldness of the entire extremely ice sea disappeared at the same time…Chapter 1488 Ancient Altar


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