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At this time, Jian Xi was close to the spacious shop gate. Although Li Yan was standing not far from the gate, there was also a few steps away from the gate. Liu Zongbu rushed to the gate like an illusion under Jian Xi\’s feet. His spirit was also highly vigilant against the middle-aged monk. In this, only his accomplishments were the same as himself, and the other two golden elixirs were not worried.

One person, one beast, lying quietly in the huge source of reincarnation.time flies……Unknowingly, two and a half months have passed, the little beast opened his eyes, and his smart and dark eyes revealed a strange light, and this strange light contained a supreme aura. But this momentum quickly faded.Huh?Little beast showed a trace of alertness in his pupils, and hurriedly swam to Shanghai, patted his paw.呲…Shanghai woke up in shock, his eyes opened, and the magical rhyme unique to the six reincarnation magical skills suddenly came out. At the same time, his body made a crackling sound, and the skin on his body suddenly shattered, revealing brand new skin, although It\’s not reborn, but it\’s equivalent to a small transformation.boom……With a punch, the six reincarnation skills surged.Feeling this stronger force than before, Shanghai\’s eyes lit up instantly, and he finally realized the sixth reincarnation magical skill. His own combat power has not only increased several times, it is almost ten times more.Cuckoo… the little beast\’s anxious voice came.What\’s the matter? Shanghai suddenly noticed that the expression of the little beast showed fear and anxiety, and immediately frowned. Before he could ask him carefully, a huge black shadow suddenly enveloped him, and a sense of suffocation surged. In my heart, the pressure is so vast that it makes people feel stagnant, and it almost breaks down.I don\’t know when, outside of the origin of the huge reincarnation, there was a huge body standing. This body contained a terrifying power. Just a glance made Shanghai\’s heart almost stop beating.The body is of a giant. This person has his upper body naked, with profound and obscure ancient patterns all over his body, and his face is covered by darkness, making it difficult to distinguish his appearance. That long hair, like a dragon, twists and turns. The eyes showed a red blood like blood.The tremendous pressure surged in, and Shanghai\’s body pressure suddenly reached its extreme, almost all of it collapsed, and his face instantly paled.Those who can bring such terrifying pressure to themselves, even the gods cannot do it, only the level above the gods, that is, the quasi god emperor…A quasi-god emperor…Shanghai could feel that the aura from the other party was not much different from the quasi-divine emperor Cang Xuan in his memory.How could I meet a quasi-god emperor here…Who is this person?


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