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Zhang Rong sat in his chair and explained. He drank a mouthful of spirit tea. He narrowed his small eyes and left everyone\’s sight. He became much more comfortable.

Of course, I am also worried that Shanghai will ruin the Ao clan. After all, the Ao clan is also one of the three thousand clans. If it is destroyed in the ancient capital, how can the face of the Swire Alliance survive?Afterwards!Shanghai left with Lingxuanjian and others.Perhaps because Long Xun was intact and was able to pick it up, Ling Xuan Jian\’s depressed mood improved a lot, and he was talking and laughing along the way.Big brother, can grandpa and others have whereabouts? Shanghai asked.The whereabouts of Grandpa and others…The Lingxuan Sword reduced a smile, and said in a deep voice, \”I have been inquiring about these years, and there have been some clues, but my strength is limited and I can\’t go to find it…or I would have gone long ago, and now you are back. It just so happens that when I can go together, I will go to the far north of the spiritual realm to take a look.\”Are you sure Grandpa and others are in the far north of the spiritual realm? Shanghai\’s eyes showed a hint of joy.It can only be certain, because when the Great Desolation World changed in the past, the god king said that he should take grandpa and others to the far north first. Originally, I also went with grandpa and others, don\’t you know An accident happened on the way, and I accidentally fell down, so I was here… Lingxuanjian sighed. He has not stopped searching for his relatives all these years.We will leave after a few days, Shanghai said.Yeah! Lingxuanjian nodded fiercely.Chapter 1536 The Conspiracy of the Four Great PalacesAfter returning to the Heavenly Fantasy Hall of Huatian Pavilion, Lingxuanjian and others realized how high Shanghai’s status is in the Taikoo Alliance. The two brothers hadn’t seen each other for nearly two hundred years. Naturally, they had to talk about it at night, and Biyuelaner After hearing this, the female immediately left the customs.Both of these women had seen the Lingxuan Sword. Later, after learning that Long Xun was the future eldest-in-law, they immediately pulled them together. Together with Houli from the three men and one woman, the four women went to the side to talk. , As for the rest of the people, they stayed in the Heavenly Fantasy Hall to practice.The two brothers talked for a long time and talked for a whole day.Shanghai only knew about the experience of the Lingxuan Sword in the past two hundred years. Since the Great Desolation World changed drastically, the Lingxuan Sword was accidentally dropped, and it almost died several times. I don’t know how many people I encountered along the way, and finally got to know Hou Li and others. It stabilized later.The Lingxuan Sword and Long Xun were already in agreement, but the Lingxuan Sword remained unbreakable until Long Xun was taken away by Aofeng, the two of them completely broke this relationship.Big brother, if it weren\’t for you, I\’m afraid I and Xun\’er… Lingxuanjian sighed for a long time. He knew very well that if it hadn\’t appeared at a critical moment in Shanghai, I\’m afraid he would have been lost at this moment, and Long Xun would also He will surely endure hardships in the Ao Clan, and there may be even more miserable experiences in the future.Big brother, you and my brother, why do you need to say this. Shanghai said: \”Now what I want to do is to find grandpa and my parents as soon as possible.\”Are Uncle Six and Aunt Six? Ling Xuanjian became excited and got confirmation from Shanghai. He was even happier. \”I know that Uncle Six and Aunt Six will not die. If Grandpa knows this news, he will definitely be. Very happy, by the way, where are the eighth brother, sixth uncle and sixth aunt now?\”


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