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Li Siyu couldn\’t wait to open the warehouse door. There were a lot of goods in it.

The demon slave who was escorting tens of thousands of powerful people immediately reacted and quickly shot.Without any accident, Shanghai was caught by a demon slave. At the same time, a demon came over, glanced at Shanghai, and waved directly, \”Send him over for transformation.\”Shanghai was escorted into the crowd. The human race powerhouses who originally had a little hope in their eyes were sad again. They were caught from the lower heavens of God\’s Domain. After seeing the terrible monsters, they were already desperate and had experienced a lot of suffering. All hope is lost.Shanghai became one of them smoothly and headed towards the main lair under the escort of the demon slave. This is mainly due to the human skin on his body, because of this thing, his realm can be suppressed to the level of the god king, and he is not noticed by the demons.Without any accident, the defense on the main lair was opened.After all, the human race powerhouse being escorted, the highest realm is only the peak of the god king, any high-level demon slave in the main lair can destroy the tens of thousands of powerhouse powerhouses, so the demon is not worried about this.The main lair is built by a huge star. It is not visible on the outside, but the inside has been hollowed out. The entire star is part of the demon lair. The defensive power of the entire lair is absorbed by the power of the sky化成。After stepping into the main lair, Shanghai followed the crowd and walked towards Hua Slave Pool. A total of eight high-level demon slaves were escorted by them. Many demon slaves were encountered along the way, but they were all patrolling. I saw this team. , Did not pay attention to and block, apparently had been told a long time ago.After entering the main lair for a certain distance, Shanghai used the human god skin to suppress his own breath to the extreme. Because of the existence of tens of thousands of powerful people, the eight high-level demon slaves did not notice it, and the breath condensed to half of himself. After measuring the range, Shanghai moved his body and quietly left the team.After the team went far, they still didn\’t notice the departure of Shanghai.Siluo should be here…Shanghai urged the immortal technique of the nine deaths. After stepping into the main lair, the connection with Sen Luo became stronger, so he could quickly determine the position.Shanghai was still very careful at the beginning, but as he went deeper, he found that the number of monsters around him was getting less and less. Even if a monster passed by, he didn\’t release any spiritual thoughts to investigate. Obviously, these monsters were very relieved of their main lair.But also, the demon lair is hidden, and there will be a large number of lairs outside each main lair, the appearance is exactly the same, there is no difference, if it is not for the direct connection between Shanghai and Sen Luo, there is no idea where the main lair is.If you look for them one by one, you will definitely be spotted by the demon.Moreover, if it is the other strong people, it is easy to be spotted by the demons, while Shanghai is an ancient demons, with a similar atmosphere to the demons. Unless the demons face each other, it is difficult to detect that Shanghai is here.According to the contact, Shanghai continued to fly by, and the road was quite smooth, and there was no monster, but as it deepened, the sense of connection became stronger and stronger.soon!Shanghai came to a hall. This is the hall of demons. The entire hall is covered with dense demonic patterns. Each pattern contains terrifying demonic power. In the center of the hall, there is a huge dark pool.A familiar person soaked in the pool.

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