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Li Si Nong really didn\’t ask for leave. At that time, he was catching up with the factory\’s performance, and no one had leave.

Shanghai\’s right arm shook, and the five fusion patterns of the emperor surrounded the upper arm like a dragon, and on his chest, the tenth dragon scale emerged. Among the ten dragon scales, there is a real dragon roaming, that is the power of the real dragon, and this power is also integrated into the right arm.Go to death. Shanghai stepped forward, shaking violently in the forbidden ground, and slammed Yan Wushuang\’s abdomen with a punch.Dare to move your lord…kill him.Upon seeing this, the five demon kings detonated all their powers, and they all attacked Shanghai together, which is bound to stop Shanghai.However, Shanghai\’s punch contains not only the power of the five emperors, but also a trace of the power of a real dragon. After the condensing of these six forces, the power has far exceeded any previous blow by Shanghai.At the moment they touched Shanghai, the five monster kings seemed to have fallen into the endless abyss, and the sense of death became stronger. As a real dragon shuttled past, the five monster kings became stiff, and then their bodies instantly turned into Fly ash.The terrifying real dragon blasted into Yan Wushuang\’s abdomen.At this time, Yan Wushuang, who had not moved at all, smiled. With that seductive appearance, any man would be moved by it, but this smile fell into Shanghai’s eyes, but it was full of extreme danger, because he felt it. The power contained in his abdomen is far beyond his known range.When the real dragon was still one foot away from Yan Wushuang, it suddenly stopped, and a more terrifying force blocked the real dragon.Ow…A tyrannical dragon chant full of destruction came from Yan Wushuang’s belly, only to see thatA real dragon froze, and suddenly fell apart, followed by the roar of the dragon\’s roar, rushing forward and blasting towards Shanghai.Cannot resist, this is an irresistible force.Shanghai finally understands why even the Dragon Evil Supreme cannot kill the unborn first demon emperor Zhe Yu. The horror of this power has surpassed the power of the old immortality at the time, and the destructive power contained in it can almost be destroyed. Most of the mid-level sky of God\’s Domain.The forbidden area in the main lair disappeared, and the entire main lair was torn to pieces by this force, and Shanghai\’s body was gradually turned into fly ash under this force.Do not……I can\’t die…Shanghai struggled with his last breath, his eyes fixed, and a supreme power surged in his body. It was the immortal energy buried in his body. These immortal energy were all obtained from the source. After being absorbed by him, it has always been Unable to refine, at this critical moment, these fairy qi all surged out.At the moment of life and death, the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai exploded.

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