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By the dim light, Li Siyu hurried back to Yang\’s house. At this time, the house was under a yellowish light.

Taking advantage of the time available during the holiday, the next day, he went to find Jian Xi and looked around with her. However, Jian Xi said that she would buy the house. It\’s best to buy a single family villa. It doesn\’t need to be very big. She discussed with Xin Yu that he can live with his grandparents in the future to take care of each other nearby. In any case, it\’s like a complete home. This idea coincides with Xin Yu. But with regard to the payment, Jian Xi insisted that she must pay, and Xinyu had no choice but to agree. In a few days, I wandered among various residential areas. Finally, I decided to set up a small villa of nearly 280 square meters in the riverside villa group, which is a model house with fine decoration. They are also satisfied with the style. The rest is to buy some furniture, household appliances, bedding, Kitchenware, etc. as long as they have money, it is not a big deal, The two of them had all prepared in only two days, and together they used the emerald in their hands to decorate the whole villa with a gathering array, which is the most difficult and complex for their current level, plus a simple maze and a warning array, which are all the arrays they have arranged so far, Looking at the remaining quarter of the jadeite in their hands and the increasingly strong aura in the yard, they also raised a faint sense of pride and belonging. This is their home from now on. After all this, Jian Xi and Xin Yu took a taxi to the home of Yuan\’s father and mother. When Yuan\’s father and mother heard that Jian Xi and Xin Yu actually bought a villa. They were still hesitant to take their second old man to live with their grandson at first, but from another point of view, their grandson was only 16 years old and lived alone. It really worried them. They didn\’t refuse and agreed. They just criticized them very seriously. Gambling stone is also another form of gambling. This is deeply hated by the two old people. No matter what form of gambling they are not allowed to touch again, but when they heard that they can see which original stone can turn green because of the cultivation of immortals. I can\’t help but be dumbfounded. Is it a gamble to know the result? The two old men had nothing to say, but they told them that it was suspected of cheating after all. If they can\’t do it, they should try not to do it again. Jane Xi and her husband agreed in a hurry. The attitude was very good. The second old man was relieved when he saw it. Looking at the daughter who took her son to gamble, he was also helpless. Jane Xi put all the things of Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother\’s house into the ring, saving the trouble of the moving company. Of course, she didn\’t take any big things such as furniture. Just take their clothes and other common things, and the rest of the new homes are complete. The four people dressed light and went to the villa. When Yuan\’s parents saw the beautiful villa. Don\’t mention how satisfied they are. They never want to live in a building, but there\’s no way. Now this villa with a garage and a big yard. And the environment of this villa area is also second to none in J city. Not only facing the river, but also the small river in the community. Yangliuyiyi\’s property has perfect supporting facilities, including fitness center, entertainment room, swimming pool, table tennis hall, badminton hall, tennis hall, basketball hall, supermarket and so on. After all, the residents living here are either rich or expensive. Even Wang Mingfu bought a house with an area of more than 400 square meters here, but it hasn\’t been renovated yet. He can\’t move in until a few months later. The villa is divided into two floors. The living room, kitchen, dining room and a guest room are all on the first floor. However, the guest room was rearranged into Jianxi\’s room by them at the repeated request of Xinyu. This home is also another home of Jianxi. On the second floor, there are three bedrooms, two with independent bathrooms, one for Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother, one for Xinyu, and the other is relatively small, which is changed to Xinyu\’s study. The whole decoration style is light color, simple, lively and generous, and the decoration quality is very good. Of course, the materials and quality of the model room will be the best. There is a platform of 14.5 square meters on the second floor, Whether sitting there in the sun, reading or blowing, it is a matter of physical and mental pleasure. There are wooden tables and chairs on the small platform, soft cushions on the chairs, and a pot of four bowls of tea set on the wooden table. The artistic conception is really good. The second old man was quite satisfied with the new house. When Yuan\’s father turned to the kitchen, he opened all the cabinets and looked around. He was very happy. This kitchen has all kinds of small kitchen appliances. He can use any pot he wants to do. Yuan\’s father will take a look at the bread machine and the household oil press, household dough mixer and noodle machine. He will cherish everything he can think of, I bought almost all of them, and they all chose good brands. Many yuan\’s father can\’t use it. However, instructions are placed in every small household appliance. Yuan\’s father is a smart old man. According to the current saying, he is a learning talent. It\’s not long before he knows it all. In the future, Xinyu will have a blessing in mouth. Cooking food is a great hobby of Yuan\’s father. Now his daughter is still alive, they don\’t have any trouble anymore, Moreover, the daughter can cultivate immortality now, and recuperate their old couple\’s bodies quite well. Now most of their gray heads have turned black. The neighbors thought they had dyed them, but they didn\’t care. However, Yuan\’s father obviously straightened his waist and lost a lot of wrinkles on his face, which still surprised the old neighbors and asked them curiously. However, Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother argued that they had separated from their daughter\’s affairs, their grandson was still so sensible, they did quite well in the high school entrance examination, and they were in a good mood, so they would look a lot younger. The neighbors could not explain other reasons, I believe it. Yuan\’s father and mother moved quietly. When the neighbors knew it, it was a very strange thing. After all, in the building area, there are often people who have lived for several days who don\’t know the door. It\’s not easy to know whether the family has lived or not without a big move. Jian Xi asked yuan\’s father and mother to entrust the original house to the intermediary company to sell, and Xinyu also sold his original small house type. After all, it\’s useless to keep it. After they moved to lisuo, Yuan\’s father and mother invited cangjun to the new house for a meal, which was cooked by Yuan\’s father and Xin Yu. Cang Jun thought the villa was bought by his son for his grandmother and grandfather, but he didn\’t have any idea. After all, it was earned by his son and belonged to him. Cang Jun didn\’t take Guan Fei with him. If he did that, he wouldn\’t fill up for the second old man. Their daughter was gone. My uncle led another woman to visit. It was awkward and didn\’t do so. However, looking at the new house of the second old man and his son, cangjun is still very envious. Although the area of his current house is not small, it is far worse than this villa, but he simply envies that the money is earned by his son. He is willing to give his freedom to who he is willing to give. As a father, he can\’t give his son anything. He also asks his son to spend money to buy a house and a car for him, It\’s shameful enough. If he is not greedy enough, he should despise himself. When Xinyu saw that his father didn\’t have any abnormal performance because of the villa, he was also secretly relieved. He couldn\’t tell his father that the villa was actually bought by Jian Xi, as long as his grandparents and himself knew it.

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