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Li Chengcai turned and saw his sister-in-law standing not far away looking at him, with a pile of things piled around him.

However, she can only start from the differentiation flame and try to subdivide it into two parts from the bean size flame. In fact, the bean size is already the smallest flame she can emit at the beginning, but it is really difficult to subdivide it. This requires not only strong divine consciousness, but also accurate control ability. In this way, Jane Xi tried to divide the flame into two, four, sixteen and thirty-two, and tried to control them to burn according to her own heart. From the initial burning of all the wood blocks to the slow burning of 99% by her, it can leave debris mixed with wood blocks and insect hatching; After that, she can control the tiny flame after differentiation and slowly pierce it without causing the combustion of the whole wood block. You should know that when a small fire bead is shot at something at a high speed, it is easy to pierce it. However, if you want to slowly burn a hole in a very flammable object such as wood bit by bit, it needs her to control that the flame cannot spread and is only limited to burning within a fixed range, which requires her control. She exercised and controlled the small fire line, walked according to her heart in the wood block, and burned out subtle holes. Then there are two lines of fire and four lines of fire. She slowly learns to control more lines of fire at one time. She can burn inside the wood block at will according to her own heart and not let it spread. After that, these fire lines began to burn around the eggs, nibbling at the wood around the eggs and dared not touch them. At first, even though she was very careful and small, she was inevitably involved in the hatching of tiny insects and set them on fire. However, as she became more and more proficient in fire control skills, more and more eggs were retained, but, There are always some wooden shells in the outer layer of insect eggs. At the beginning, the shell was very thick, and she gradually rubbed it away with a flame. One was careless. When the fire was fierce, the eggs disappeared. Later, the shell surrounded by wood became thinner and thinner. It was not until the eve of new year\’s day in 2014 that Jane was able to separate the eggs cleanly, and this was only one egg in the whole wood block. Chapter 209 cangjun New Year greetings (Part I) Then, Jane Xi began to try to increase and separate two eggs at the same time. Three and four Jane Xi were not boring. She practiced again and again. There were more than dozens of hundreds of eggs in a piece of wood. Two months later, on the eve of Valentine\’s day in the year of the horse, Jane Xi was finally able to control the flame and leave all the eggs in a palm sized piece of wood unharmed, And burn the wood wrapped outside. Jane Xi thought it was ok, but Jane Nan said it was just the beginning. Listening to Jane Nan\’s words, she came to the barren mountains in the western suburbs and cut off a poplar whose roots had been buried under the snow for nearly 20 years. Then, according to Jane Nan\’s method, she began to control the flame and began to refine the poplar more than 10 meters high. I have practiced the art of controlling the flame for a long time, but I didn\’t burn this poplar, but I need to control its temperature so that it won\’t be too high and destroy the whole tree. The temperature has risen a little, and there have been some exercises before, but she also knows that if the temperature is too high, it will destroy the essence of the wood contained in it when burning the trunk. Therefore, she still needs to exercise temperature control. Usually the essence of wood, herbs, spirits and fruit can be slightly higher than its impurities, but the ignition point is quite close. If a little carelessness is made, the temperature will burn up if the temperature is only a little higher. Jane spent a week in destroying a few twenty poplars, which is the essence of Kan Kan\’s grain size and not very pure wood. Jane Xi looked at the bare ground around her, which was really empty by her. She couldn\’t help laughing bitterly. She sighed in her heart, \”this is just an ordinary tree, and the medicinal materials are much more refined. How many medicinal materials does she have to waste?\” She, who has always advocated environmental protection, has directly destroyed so many trees that have grown for so many years. Hey! Looking at the essence of a small drop of wood in a glass bottle with a perfume bottle, it is not pure blue, and has great vitality. This essence was dropped on the sapling of the small world by Jane. Then I saw it sucked into its leaves by small saplings. Jane Xi just felt that the leaves of the sapling were more green, and there was no abnormality in the others. Next, Jane Xi no longer cut down trees in the barren mountains, but thinning, and picked those who grew crooked to talk about finding some balance in her behavior. Because she really had no other way. Only those trees that had some years ago could turn out some of the essence of wood. What was less in those years could not be refined. It\’s much cheaper than using medicinal materials. Although she is rich now, it\’s still a troublesome thing to buy wild medicinal materials with enough years, and the quantity can\’t be guaranteed. Trees are equally precious, of course, which refers to environmental problems. However, it is much more common than medicinal herbs. Generally, trees over twenty years old can be used to refine a little bit of wood essence. Only by purifying and practicing this relatively rough tree. Before you can practice further. Jian Xi practiced fire control in the evening. After practicing fire control, she lost all her spiritual power and almost exhausted her divine knowledge, she meditated to restore her spiritual power and operated the unknown divine knowledge skill to restore her divine knowledge. This way made her feel that the effect was more obvious, so she seemed to enjoy it. During the four-year winter vacation, except for the Spring Festival, the school never missed a day and went all out to meet the college entrance examination. The school has an unprecedented learning atmosphere, especially in the third grade of senior high school. Every time they arrive at school at six o\’clock, they don\’t go home until eleven o\’clock in the evening. During this period, almost all the senior three parents are full of clocks and clocks, constantly revolve around their children, and take care of all their clothes, food, housing and transportation.

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