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Unexpectedly, Li Chengyue came back early and was caught by her.

For nearly a month on her own, although she can talk to Jane Nan, learn arrays and play with God of war and Xiao in the situation of cherishing fate, she still feels very lonely. At this time, she saw the traces left by other lives. She couldn\’t wait to pursue them. Moreover, without the sandstorm, she could release the God of war and Xiao. At present, the concentration of spiritual power in Xiyuan is very strong, which is much stronger than that in the desert. Jian Xi found that her Xiyuan will improve accordingly with her cultivation. At the same time, it will change due to the change of external aura concentration, and it is always much stronger than that in the outside world, just like a natural gathering array in Xiyuan, He is always absorbing the aura of the outside world to supplement himself. On earth, the aura was nearly dry, but the aura in Xiyuan was still abundant, much stronger than the outside, but it was much worse than now. Now, although it is a desert, the aura concentration in Xiyuan is getting stronger and stronger. The most beneficial, of course, is the God of war and Xiao, who have always lived in them. Now both animals have advanced into second-order monsters, which can freely control their size. Now, they have become a dog and a tiger of normal size, accompanied by Jane Xi, marching towards the place with life in the speculation. Without the shock of sandstorm, some monsters in the desert have also recovered their vitality and began to haunt around. Jian Xi has met the attacks of some monsters such as sand scorpions and sand snakes more than ten times with the God of war and Xiao. However, most of them don\’t need Jian Xi\’s hand. The God of war and Xiao finally have a battlefield where they can play. From unfamiliar to skilled, from always scarred to now fruitful, they are also growing. All the time, the comfortable life of the earth makes them almost forget how to fight. However, after only a few battles, they have begun to show their due tusks. Even if they encounter a double headed sand python with a length of more than three feet and three levels, the two animals are not afraid. They cooperate with each other. After a hard battle, they all get serious injuries in exchange for hard results. At that time, Jane was deeply distressed, but when she thought of this place, which was said to be very dangerous, she was cruel and forced them to complete the difficult step-by-step battle independently. After Jianxi confirmed that they were really not in danger, the two animals were sent to Xiyuan territory to heal. Although they were already monsters, the seriously injured body could not be easily recovered in three or two days, so Jianxi still needed to walk on her own in the next journey. However, at this time, Jane Xi has found more and more life traces, because she occasionally found a living dwarf tree. No one can understand the joy and excitement when Jane Xi saw the first living plant, which is different from those monsters. There are living plants, which means that there is some water here. This means that if she keeps this direction, Will the oasis be far away? Whenever she thought of this reason, she was full of strength. Did she finally get rid of the savage\’s life? In fact, it\’s not appropriate to say that Jianxi is a savage, because up to now, she has clean clothes, clean people and white and tender skin. She hasn\’t changed a little because of body refining or sun exposure. If she doesn\’t know, she won\’t think that Jianxi has been walking in the desert for a month. It\’s just that there is always a sense of isolation from the group around Jane Xi. This kind of walking is different from closed practice. It\’s not the practice of closing your eyes and opening your eyes. How many days have passed, but walking. Walking alone. Fortunately, during this period, two animals will accompany her for a few days, otherwise she will be even more lonely. Where did chapter 316 go On the third day after returning the two beasts to Xiyuan territory, Jane Xizheng was flying forward, because here, the strange phenomenon that she once felt that as long as she flew, her spiritual power would be consumed very quickly has become weaker and weaker, and Jane Xizheng also tried to fly, but she didn\’t fly in the void, because it would take more energy. Now she is flying forward on the green moon. The height of flying didn\’t dare to be higher. It flew at a low altitude. The speed was not fast or slow. The happy color bloomed on her beautiful face now, because an oasis had been found in her divine consciousness. She was intoxicated by the beautiful green in her eyes. With an oasis, there may be humans. Although the oasis is hundreds of kilometers away from her, it will arrive soon at her speed. But at this time, a strong suction came from her feet, and Jane Xi fell down with the green moon. Jane Xi wanted to mobilize her spiritual power to fly up, but she was stunned to find that her spiritual power had stagnated and could not fall down. It was too late for her to enter the boundary of Xi Yuan, because people had entered the huge quicksand vortex that suddenly appeared on the sand, The vortex is tens of kilometers in diameter, and the center is at Jianxi\’s feet. The suction is very strong. In the blink of an eye, Jianxi has been swallowed into the vortex center and disappeared, and the desert has recovered its previous calm. Within a few tens of miles of this area, there is no grass and no vitality. Jane Xi didn\’t find these at all. Just as Jian Xi was swallowed up by the vortex, in a square in Jinling City, a magnificent huge ship had stopped steadily. A door opened on the belly of the huge ship, and four monks came out. They were the monks stationed in the transmission array to the earth for two years led by Wei Tong. Wei Tong was wearing a brocade robe and didn\’t need it on his face, but his temperament was just and elegant. He walked out of the huge ship first, followed by tianyuya, nanrongqi, gongzhiliang and others.

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