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Zhang Chao said hello to Lao Li\’s family politely, and his uncle and aunt shouted.

After a long time, Jian Xi sat on the chair in the yard, drinking juice, and looked curiously at the busy people outside the array. Long ling\’er had basically sorted out the team, while Feng Aijiao exercised the responsibility of leading the team instead of Ruan Tiancheng. It seems that Ruan Tiancheng, the senior brother leading the team, is quite irresponsible! However, Feng Aijiao seems to care about these things. No, there\’s no time to pester Ruan Tiancheng. Ruan Tiancheng was calm at this time. He looked at the extra ring on his finger, and his hatred for Feng Kun and Kong Qing deepened. But he has been well hidden. He stepped out of the heaven and earth house and looked up at the yard. The white figure was sitting on a white chair at the moment. With a glass of juice in his hand, a straw is inserted on it. The transparent cup is placed on the white round table. Jane Xi holds her chin in her right hand. She bites one end of the straw in her ruddy mouth. Her eyes are looking out. Her eyes are full of curiosity and freshness. The curved eyebrows and eyes show that she is in a good mood now. Ruan Tiancheng has known what is in the cup through this time with Jian Xi day and night. The long straw biting in her mouth is for what purpose. I don\’t know where she learned these things. It\’s an interesting gadget. I really don\’t know where she learned these miscellaneous things. But that\’s what makes her different, isn\’t it? When she heard the noise, Jane Xi turned her head. Seeing that it was Ruan Tiancheng, she loosened the straw, smiled and asked, \”what\’s the matter? It\’s clear?\” \”Yes. It\’s clear. Thank you, Jane Xi. If it weren\’t for you, my grandfather would be out of his mind now.\” Ruan Tiancheng said this sincerely. Without Jianxi\’s help, Ruan Shaohua said that his remaining soul has run out of oil and the lamp has dried up. It will not last long. It is precisely because of Jianxi\’s habitat soul wood that his soul can survive. As long as there is that opportunity in the future, it is not impossible to reshape his body. Jane was very happy when she saw this. Saved a man, oh. No, it saved a soul. And he handed him over to his own grandson. It\’s a merit. The psychological satisfaction of helping people is so comfortable. Jane Xi feels that her thoughts are more accessible and she feels closer to the middle stage of out of body. \”In that case, let\’s pack up and leave here. In a moment, the time for the secret place to open will come.\” Jane Xi sucked the juice in the cup in three bites, then cleaned the cup with the dust cleaning formula, put it away, and then put away the tables and chairs. Similarly, Ruan Tiancheng also put away the heaven and earth house. Jian Xi saw that there was nothing to clean up in the yard, so he removed the array. Removing the array was much faster than setting up the array. He completed it after playing several tricks continuously. When Ruan Tiancheng and Jian Xi appeared in front of the crowd, Feng Aijiao was the first one to rush over. \”Elder martial brother, what are you doing in there with this woman? Why did you come out at this time?\” Feng Aijiao asked with a distorted face due to jealousy and a slightly out of tune when she looked at Jian Xi walking slowly outward. \”Younger martial Sister Feng, who am I with? Do I have to report to you?\” Ruan Tiancheng saw Feng Aijiao like this and thought again of the hatred of her grandfather Feng Kun to his grandfather and her father to his parents mentioned by Ruan Shaohua before. Such hatred made him unable to calm down to this extremely stupid woman. \”Elder martial brother, you know I don\’t mean that, but I\’m afraid I\’m afraid this woman will take the opportunity to seduce you!\” Feng Aijiao replied cowardly, but her eyes looked at Jane Xi bitterly. Jane Xi glanced contemptuously at Feng Aijiao and ignored her. Shi Shi ran stepped towards the Dragon ling\’er who was running towards her. \”Jane Xi, come here quickly. You can go out with us later.\” long linger smiled and took Jane Xi\’s hand, and then sent a message to her. \”If you go out so rashly, I\’m afraid someone will be bad for you, so if you can believe it, it\’s best to go out with our xuantianzong. No one dares to touch you for the time being.\”. \”This\” Jane Xi was a little embarrassed before. She didn\’t know whether she should believe long linger. They didn\’t know each other deeply, but she thought of it. If she was sincere, it really made Jane Xi feel warm. Jane Xi struggled for a long time and didn\’t know whether to promise her or not. Long linger saw Jane Xi\’s look and guessed what she thought. Yes, she had only a few sides with her. It was a little abrupt for Mao to let her go with her rashly. \”Jane Xi, you don\’t have to be embarrassed. I\’m just a suggestion. I know it\’s a little abrupt. You can consider it. If you don\’t like it, forget it.\” long linger doesn\’t want to embarrass Jane Xi. His kindness won\’t trouble Jane Xi any more.

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