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Want her to sit apart from the handsome guy? impossible!

You four don\’t call me fairy sister. You can call me sister in the future, you know? Jane Xi was helpless to hear this fairy sister. \”I see,\” the four replied. Everyone\’s face was filled with laughter, which was a happy smile from the bottom of their heart. \”The four of you will be close brothers and sisters in the future. In the future, you should also support, trust and love each other. Don\’t hate each other or coax each other. Let me know that you can\’t bear the end, okay?\” Jane Xi was very gentle at the beginning, but in the end, she was very severe. This also let the four children know that their sister was not joking with them. The experience of the four children has made them much more mature than other children of the same age. Coupled with the role of Xi Yuanxing itself, these children deeply believe in Jian Xi\’s words and follow ruolun\’s voice. The chorus should be that after looking at each other, they all saw the closeness in each other\’s eyes, and the distance between the two sides was shortened in an instant. \”The four of you are the first to come in, but by no means the last. I ask you to ask each other in this way no matter who comes in in the future. Do you know?\” Jane Xi said, \”do you know?\” Ask loudly. \”I see -\” the three words answered neatly and forcefully, which reminded Jane Xi of military training on earth and young instructors. Oh, think a little far. Pull it back—— \”Wang Qianqian, in the future, while sorting out the medicine garden, you will be responsible for teaching them how to practice and the common sense in the immortal world, teaching them how to identify those herbs and understand their pharmacology and medicinal properties. In short, order is gradual, and just teach them what you know, okay?\” Jian Xi\’s attitude towards Wang Qianqian is different from that of the four children, At this time, with the attitude of the superior, the voice coldly ordered Wang Qianqian to say. \”Yes, master,\” replied Wang Qianqian respectfully. \”Well, just stay here and do what you should do. I\’ve completely blocked the medicine garden and the area where the medicine garden is located, and others can\’t enter. Don\’t worry about practicing here. Here are some food and valley elixirs, Qingyang, Qinghu, Qingyu and Qingxuan. You four have only been practicing for a short time and can\’t reach the valley period, so you should pay attention to some self-cultivation If you don\’t know what you eat, just ask Wang Qianqian. Do you know? Don\’t go anywhere else. I\’ve already sealed it with an array. It\’s full of aura and is very suitable for cultivation. My sister will come back to test your achievements next time. Well, I\’m gone. \”Jian Xi didn\’t wait for them to answer. People have disappeared. Jane Xi left Xiyuan star and returned to the camp. After seeing the empty camp, Jane Xi couldn\’t help laughing bitterly. She wondered if it was her own fault. She had just adapted to the excitement together. Now she is alone again. However, this is only the appearance. Now if you want to see your relatives and friends, you just need to be aware of entering the lucky star. She can see everyone she wants to see. Looking at all of them, Jane Xi smiled. Looking at the dark night outside, she threw herself into the quilt and fell asleep sweetly. Yes, she didn\’t practice tonight. She stole a day\’s laziness. She felt so relaxed that she wanted to sleep. She fell asleep easily. She didn\’t even dream. The next day, Jane Xi began to go to Tonghua mainland alone. A person\’s goal was small, and the \”cloud\” became a small cloud, carrying Jane Xi flying at high speed. Finally, more than ten days later, Jian Xi set foot on the land of Tonghua city again, which is already overcrowded. Because the examination of xuantianzong will be held in five days, and now it is the last two days to register with the jade card. Jane Xi is glad that she still has time. In fact, she has no mystery about her participation in this assessment. This is only the selection and allocation assessment in the primary mainland. The level is not required to be high. It\’s just a stepping stone to open the door of xuantianzong. She doesn\’t want to inherit the feelings of long linger, although long linger has always been making friends with her and expressed her goodwill. It\’s just a little troublesome, but Jane Xi doesn\’t care at all. With her current cultivation, it\’s easy to get the first place, but she doesn\’t want to be so high-profile, because her relatives and friends have been found and are all around her, so there\’s no need to attract everyone\’s attention and improve her popularity. So low-key is the king. If we want to be high-key, we have to find a suitable and appropriate opportunity, don\’t we? So Jane Xi returned to the cave in the familiar small valley she had reserved. Now Tonghua City has once again set off a small movement in the low-level mainland spiritual world since the last Danshi conference. Of course, the accommodation here is also in short supply. The monks in the cave who have been booked for so long like Jian Xi are not only Jian Xi, but not many. When they came to the mouth of the valley, the two people who were guarding were still there. Jane Xi nodded at them and had entered the array. A note came out of Jane Xi\’s hand and flew out at the same time. Chapter 562 two acquaintances

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