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Wang Ye smiled, picked up a group of little carrots and kissed them one by one.

Stink? How stink? Qi Jiexing just wanted to say something, but the next moment he also saw Wu Qima\’s black hands and Jian Xi\’s smooth, white and tender face, which was pressed and printed. At the same time, he smelled the strange smell from his body and wrinkled his nose. Regardless of laughing at Jane Xi\’s face, he quickly gave himself several dust cleaning tips before he cleaned himself up. Looking at Jane Xi, he didn\’t realize that his face was still dirty. Smiling, he took out a mirror from the ring. This modern mirror was given to him by Jane Xi. He took it out. Jane Xi had not figured out what he was doing with the mirror, but he saw that Han Xing pointed the mirror at himself. Just wanted to open it for him to stop making trouble, but he saw his funny face in the mirror, with two black palm prints symmetrically on his left and right cheeks. Exclaimed, he wiped it with his sleeve. In a hurry, he forgot to use magic. Han Xing threw away a dust cleaning formula and threw it to Jane Xi. She cleaned her up in an instant. Then she looked at herself who had been cleaned in the mirror and determined that she was all right now. She screamed and jumped at Han Xing. She beat Han Xing\’s broad chest with a small boxer. Of course, she didn\’t use any strength. She just hammered her face and buried it in his chest. I\’m sorry to look up again. Just now, it\’s embarrassing. Do you have wood? \”Well, well, it\’s my fault. Shall I apologize to you?\” Han Xing coaxed Jian Xi with a good temper. Jian Xi was not a spoiled woman, and he also timely \’forgiven\’ Han Xing, but his face was still red and very cute. The two stood up, cleaned up the dust, and then flew away from the island with their slaves. An hour later, they put down the ship, returned to their route, and continued their journey. The slaves controlled the ship. Jian Xi and Han Xing also took out two reclining chairs and sat under a big tree in the garden on the ship deck, catching a cold and chatting. \”How long did it take me to cross the last group of mind demons?\” Qi Jiexing asked. \”About an hour, half an hour or so,\” Jane replied. \”It was such a long time, but it felt like more than 20 years to me at that time. It was really\” Qi Jiexing expressed some emotion. \”It\’s not impossible to dream for a thousand years! But fortunately you\’ve passed this level, and you\’re now a glorious Mahayana friar.\” Jane Xi flattered and joked. \”Fortunately, fortunately, I didn\’t lose it in my dream. I fell into the devil without being in my dream. When I think about that state at that time, it seems that I almost fell into the devil and became a real devil. It\’s really breathtaking.\” the star mouth of the strange introduction also sighed repeatedly. This time of robbery was too dangerous and breathtaking. If you don\’t have the elixir refined and the array arranged, the first eight groups of thunder robbers can\’t pass anyway, then there will be no later ninth group of heart devil robbers. This heart evil robbery is so powerful that everything seems to be true. What makes people unable to rush out is that almost all of it has actually happened, but people can\’t get out of their mental retardation and get lost in it. But they are not just lost. They are directly enchanted and become demons without thinking and feelings, not demons. It\’s terrible. Think about it, Strange letter star can\’t help but want to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead. \”I\’m really lucky to get through this level, but without your pill and array, I probably can\’t even see the ninth group of thunder robbery,\” Han Xing said with a smile. Chapter 656 picking Bluegrass Chapters 654 and 655 are written as chapters 254 and 255. I\’m sorry, but I won\’t change it. Hee hee, I\’m confused about the new year \”Who makes you one of my most important people?\” Jane Xi\’s words, the one in front, let the letter star hear, but then the three words immediately darkened his handsome face. \”Unique\”

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