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The door didn\’t knock. People outside pushed the door in directly.

\”Well, it\’s time to tell me the location of the xuanjie.\” Fang Yang ignored Wu fan and put his eyes on Huolan, and said in a voice. Listening to Fang Yang\’s words, Huolan hesitated a little: \”the mysterious world is 800 miles west of Hunyuan city in Hunyuan mansion.\” \”you play with me?\” Fang Yang said as soon as Huolan\’s voice fell. Then, without waiting for Huo Lan to speak, a trace of anger flashed in Fang Yang\’s eyes: \”it\’s so close to Hunyuan house that Hunyuan house doesn\’t know?\” \”the mysterious world is hidden in a mountain, and Hunyuan house won\’t care about that.\” Huo Lan murmured. Standing in the same place, Fang Yang thought a little: \”anyway, the contract has been signed, and I\’m not afraid of you bluffing me.\” after that, Fang Yang looked at several people and said faintly, \”I\’m not in the mood to continue to pull with you. Please ask for more luck. Goodbye.\” here, Fang Yang seemed to suddenly remember something and looked at Huolan: \”Oh, by the way, let me give you a piece of advice. Although I don\’t know where you got the news that Teng shuize wanted to escort the four Dharma Qingyun, the person who gave you the news must want to harm you.\” as soon as he said this, Huolan\’s body trembled slightly and her face was a little ugly. \”Goodbye.\” after saying this, Fang Yang turned away without any hesitation. \”Wait a minute.\” But at this time, Huolan suddenly said, \”what\’s the matter?\” Fang Yang asked impatiently. \”What you said, I know,\” Huolan said slowly. When she spoke, a look of resentment flashed in Huolan\’s eyes: \”that\’s the man who killed most of my brothers.\” \”what does that have to do with me?\” Fang Yang asked faintly. \”I want revenge.\” Huolan Ning said in a voice. After that, a trace of bitterness flashed on Huolan\’s face: \”Teng shuize, we can\’t afford it. We will never have this opportunity again today. Moreover, after today, our reward on the dragon and snake list is bound to increase, and Huoyu county will not let us go. The official forces will not deal with a person if they don\’t deal with a person, but once the official forces want to deal with a person, their anger can\’t be borne by anyone, We can\’t stay in Huoyu County in the future. \”\” it\’s still that sentence. What does it have to do with me? \”Fang Yang asked without salt.\” although we can\’t deal with tengshuize, we can\’t let go of the person who gave us bad news, so \” Huolan said slowly, but when it came to the back, Huolan\’s head had been lowered slowly, as if she was going to say an extremely embarrassing thing. Fang Yang was impatient at this scene, but when Fang Yang was going to ask, Huolan suddenly looked up and said to Fang Yang: \”that man\’s strength is very strong, so I want you to help us.\” \”\” Hearing this, Fang Yang was stunned and fell into a speechless state for a moment, but soon Fang Yang calmed down and stood in place laughing, as if he had heard the best joke in the world: \”ha ha ha ha, are you kidding? Is there something wrong with your brain, or did I hear it wrong?\” Fang Yang said, pausing and sneering: \”What do you think is the relationship between us? If you say that the man is strong, it proves that the man must at least have the cultivation of concentration period. Are you a cabbage when you are a monk in concentration period? Kill as you say? Why should I provoke such strong enemies for you? Please remember, we are not friends!\”

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