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Chapter 33 wire storm

\”Hunyuan mansion is not more troublesome here.\” Fang Yang whispered. As one of the nine great houses of the Longyuan Dynasty, although the strength of the Hunyuan house is not the top, there are many experts. Needless to say, there are more than forty martial arts in the empty and dark realm, which is rare in the real water city, but it is common in the Hunyuan mansion. Fang Yang is now in the eyes of all martial arts practitioners in the empty and dark world, but the mobile Tianmai pill and treasure house will only be in trouble once they fall into more places in the empty and dark world. It can be seen that Fang Yang ignored his questions, and Zhou Yiqing snorted coldly and was unhappy. At this time, the coquettish woman nearby came up: \”brother Zhou, when we came out this time, my father also said that we should be careful. There is everything in this dry manglin. It\’s better not to accept strangers in vain.\” when she spoke, her eyes also glanced at Meng Qianxue. Zhang Meng is very unhappy now. She managed to invite Zhou Yiqing several times to succeed in this trip. She originally wanted to use this trip to narrow the relationship between the two of them. She wanted to compliment the snow wolf several times and devote herself to the past. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the plan, there were two uninvited guests like Fang Yang. In particular, Meng Qianxue\’s beautiful face made her feel inferior and raised a strong sense of crisis, which was the scene of hostility now. All three of them have good identities. They are also born in the Hunyuan house. Among them, Zhou Yiqing, the son of Zhou Yingtian, the deputy head of Hunyuan mansion, has the highest status. As for Zhang Meng and Tian Baikang\’s father, they are also senior officials in the Hunyuan house. This time, the three of them went on a trip together and entered the kumanglin for experience. They wanted to win more relations. Zhang Meng, in particular, has been optimistic about Zhou Yiqing and is waiting to devote himself. Zhou yiqingsheng has white skin, strong cultivation and high family background. Naturally, such a man will be the candidate most people dream of. Zhang Meng has been infatuated with him for a long time and is waiting for this opportunity. Zhou Yiqing doesn\’t know Zhang Meng\’s mind. If he changes to ordinary times, he won\’t be stingy to eat the fat meat sent to his mouth. After all, this dream has a beautiful face and graceful figure. She is an extremely good woman. In the whole Hunyuan mansion, only a few are more beautiful than her. But I didn\’t expect to meet Meng Qianxue here, and the previous careful thoughts about Zhang Meng were clean. make fun of? Zhang Meng is more beautiful, but compared with Meng Qianxue, he doesn\’t know how bad it is. \”You\’re careless.\” Zhou Yiqing\’s attitude towards Zhang Meng was much colder. \”Look, these two are not bad guys. Since they are out, especially in this dangerous dry manglin, they naturally need to help.\” he made a modest appearance of a handsome childe and smiled: \”The young lady and your servant must have entered here by mistake and couldn\’t get out. Next week Yiqing, my father is the deputy head of Hunyuan mansion and is quite familiar with here. It\’s better for us to go together.\” He reveals his family background without any trace. This move has never gone wrong before, deputy head of Hunyuan mansion! What a name, even how proud a girl is! She doesn\’t look happy when she hears this, and Baba compliments. But Meng Qianxue is different. Meng Qianxue blinked and didn\’t respond to his other words, just heard \”servant\” Two words, his eyes opened, then looked at Fang Yang, giggled: \”servant? You said he was my servant?\”

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