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After work, Li Siyu lingered until the last to go. In the afternoon, she went to the security room of the space and turned out several electric sticks.

Plop. He knelt down directly in front of Fang Yang. Qin Chuan said firmly, \”Fang Yang, you have avenged me all my life. Qin Chuan has nothing to repay. There is only a rotten life. If you don\’t mind, I\’ll give it to you!\” he said sincerely, and he also has a deep gratitude to Fang Yang in his heart. Not only is he grateful to Fang Yang for helping him take revenge, but also he is grateful to Fang Yang for letting him do it himself. He also knew in his heart now that if Fang Yang made a move, Ling Chen\’s death would only be faster, but it was impossible to put down the burden in his heart completely. Only when he punched Ling Chen one by one and let him repay him one by one, did he really remove the burden in his heart. Fang Yang must have had this idea for a long time before he would let him do it himself. Qin Chuan is really grateful for thinking of him so much. Fang Yang was stunned, then helped Qin Chuan up and said with a smile, \”we\’re just trading. One yard comes to one yard.\” Qin Chuan shook his head, but he knew how much Fang Yang paid, just like the sacred wind glass cover in his hand. If it hadn\’t been resisted by this powerful xuanbing, he would have been dead. \”You want the four Dharma Qingyun, I can tell you, but that place is very dangerous.\” Qin Chuan frowned and said, \”the four Dharma Qingyun is now in the bone tooth mountain.\” \”bone tooth mountain? It\’s the place that even the martial arts in the early Yang territory are afraid of?\” Wu fan suddenly said. Qin Chuan nodded solemnly, \”yes, it\’s right there.\” \”where is it? It\’s dangerous?\” Fang Yang asked. Wu fan looked serious: \”it\’s more than dangerous. It\’s a famous place. I heard that it was the place where the great demons fought with the martial arts in ancient times. The battle was too fierce in those years, and the scene produced by the mysterious gas explosion was spectacular, which led to the change of the terrain. Now there is the Guya mountain. Guya mountain is a huge mountain with bones and teeth.\” \”There is a saying that the bones and teeth belong to the ancient big demons. I heard that there are still some big demons\’ blood in them. Big demons in places like green Beast forest may exist in the bone tooth mountains.\” Qin Chuan added: \”We Fengyun gate also know the power of the four Dharma Qingyun. Therefore, we have been afraid to place it in the sect gate for fear of changes. Although it also appeared later, we stored the four Dharma Qingyun in Guya mountain, the old site of Fengyun gate, in which there is a place sealed with the four Dharma Qingyun.\” Fang Yang frowned. According to what they said, the bone tooth mountain is really not a good place. The big demons like green horned cattle are very difficult to deal with. The big demons in the empty underworld are much more powerful than ordinary warriors in the empty underworld. Even if Fang Yang is confident that he can beat ten ordinary empty underworld with one to ten, there are not many if there are five big demons in the empty underworld I\’m confident that I can make it right. After pondering for a moment, Fang Yang said, \”I\’ll go and have a look anyway. The four dharmas are famous. With this thing, I have more aggressive capital, and the more dangerous places are, the more treasures will be everywhere.\” Wu Fandao: \”That\’s true. Because Guya mountain is an ancient battlefield, there are some relics of fallen warriors in ancient times. If you find a xuanbing or martial arts in it, it\’s not bad. You know, the warriors who can fight there are at least above chuyang!\” if you want to go, I can lead the way. \”Qin Chuan said,\” I still remember where the site is. \” \”OK!\” Fang Yang answered and looked at the other people, \”what about you.\”

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