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When the man heard her words, he looked around and thought, no one here sells coal, but I do.

Bang! The drops of water ran through and hit the insects, and the spray on the canopy burst. At least a dozen insects were crushed by the light of the water. In a moment, most of the insects in front were missing. However, with the successive shots, shuiqianrou\’s cheeks became more and more white. Looking at the bare skin, you can see the faint flowing water in her jade white ice muscles It\’s not like blood. It\’s like a stream of water. \”Mountain master!\” \”mountain master, you can\’t force it any more.\” the disciples of Shuiyue mountain around are panicked. Originally, the water vapor in the stone room is extremely abundant. Without the water vapor shared by the water wood sedan chair, the water thousand soft situation is very dangerous. Now they reluctantly use Xuanqi to attack, and only more water vapor will be absorbed. \”Let\’s hold on for a while! The communication jade symbol has been crushed, and grandma sun and they will come soon.\” a woman said. As soon as her voice fell, a bent body sprang out of one side, and the hunchback old man smiled: \”hold on? What do you use to hold on?\” As soon as he lifted his right hand, he took out a black jade gourd. As soon as the gourd stopper was opened, he heard a buzzing noise, and suddenly a black stream sprang out of the gourd. When he looked carefully, he found that there were less than a hundred small black mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes were small. But if they gathered together, the condensed black stream was quite spectacular, buzzing towards the woman who had spoken before. The woman\’s face The color was startled and several tricks were played one after another. The water vapor condensed in front and hit each other. However, it was intended to block the attack of heiliu, but it didn\’t play any role. I saw a black fog sprang from the mosquitoes of heiliu, wrapped layer by layer, but it directly penetrated the cover of the water flow and rushed directly to the woman. With a tragic howl, the woman was tightly covered by heiliu , she struggled violently. A moment later, when more than 100 black mosquitoes flew up, only a shriveled body was left on the ground. \”Elder martial sister Yu!\” the eyes of the women around her turned red, and then became angry. \”Mutuo mountain! We won\’t let you go!\” \”dare to kill elder martial sister Yu, I want you to pay for your life!\” When a few people were angry, the three rushed up suddenly, and the people around couldn\’t stop them. They quickly rushed to the hunchback old man. The old man just had a cold smile on his face. The black mosquitoes swept away and followed him. It was like the circulation of black fog. As long as it was wrapped around one person, it would devour the blood and gas of a woman\’s body in a few minutes, leaving only an ugly corpse on the ground. This The three of them didn\’t make it for several minutes, but they were completely swallowed by black mosquitoes. \”Ha ha ha! My gourd black blood mosquitoes have been raised for more than 30 years. They have worked hard to raise them with the blood and flesh of all kinds of big demon warriors, and they have reached more than 100 now. Do you little women think you can resist? It\’s a pity to die. It\’s good to turn them into the nourishment of black blood mosquitoes!\” The hunchback old man was elated. As soon as several people died, Shui qianrou became thinner and thinner, leaving only six people.

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