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Looking at Zhang Xuewen\’s relaxed expression, I know there is no big event this time. It should be a routine.

While he was talking, the mysterious Qi on his body flowed, and the momentum of the martial arts in the early Yang environment radiated. Chapter 313 Zhang he made trouble for Zhang He. Zhang he was angry, and his momentum soared. Fang Yang only felt that there was a pure Yang storm in front of him, and the powerful breath came face to face, threatening his body. Fang Yang\’s body sank, and his shoulder seemed to be carrying a mountain stone. \”This is the momentum of the early Yang state.\” his eyes were cold, and the pure Yang Xuanqi in the inner house moved. After a circle of rapid circulation in Fang Yang\’s body, the heavy pressure on him immediately reduced a lot. Although Zhang he\’s cultivation is much higher than Fang Yang\’s, the degree of the essence of the pure Yang Xuanqi is much worse. Although Zhang he is a martial artist in the early Yang territory, he practices it \”Pure Yang formula\” At most, it\’s only one-third. Moreover, Fang Yang still has the pure Yang Bodhi breath, which can\’t be compared with the improvement after quenching. Zhang he intended to build his power and used 70% of the Xuanqi power. He pressed him on the ground and couldn\’t move at one stroke. He had to humiliate him and release his energy to relieve his Qi. Unexpectedly, it was only a moment\’s effort that the boy blocked his Xuanqi power \”Pressure!\” it must be because of Chunyang Bodhi! It is said that Chunyang Bodhi is very beneficial to the Xuanqi of Chunyang. If it wasn\’t for the baby, how could this boy stop my momentum. \”Zhang he said darkly. He narrowed his eyes and said gloomily,\” come here, I have something to ask you. \”\” ask if you want. \” Fang Yang doesn\’t give him face at all. Zhang Heqi is gnashing his teeth and wants to teach the boy a lesson. Even if he has pure Yang Xuanqi to protect his body, his cultivation is much higher than him. If he wants to teach him a lesson, he can\’t do it easily? After all, the gap between the early Yang realm and the empty and dark realm is not the slightest. However, private fighting is prohibited in the pure Yang sect. Once he is found, he will be severely punished , especially in this alchemy room, there is a strong gas of ground fire here. If the two people fight and the ground fire caused by pure Yang Xuanqi surges, there is a great possibility that the volcano will erupt. At that time, the impact will not be able to end with a little corporal punishment. Therefore, although Zhang Heqi\’s anger surges, he still doesn\’t dare to do anything to Fang Yang. \”Did you really take Chunyang Bodhi?\” he pressed down his anger and forced himself to ask. Fang Yang glanced at him calmly: \”didn\’t the man beside you have said it?\” \”so, you acquiesced?\” Zhang he said excitedly. Fang Yang shouldn\’t, as if he didn\’t bother to answer the question. \”OK, OK! I have a deal to make with you.\” Zhang he rushed excitedly. \”I\’m not interested.\”

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