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She looked at the clothes behind the man, which had been dragged to the ground by her, and several holes had been worn out.

\”That\’s nature, the core of the whole Longyuan mansion, which has always been the place where babies appear most. It\’s almost the opening day. At that time, all the people in the mansion will gather!\” Wang Changhe said. \”That\’s good! Let\’s go there together!\” Yan Hongyan said immediately. \”Well, but we can\’t just rely on the two of us. Call all our men first.\” Wang Changhe said, \”that\’s no problem.\” Yin Hongyan readily agreed. So they moved together and quickly left the Dragon Lake. The opening of the ancient cave of Zhenlong also attracted the attention of most people, and all their thoughts began to focus on that side. Chunyang Zhenzong Gu Kang led the team and went ahead first. Wuji mountain sect, niansheng sect and Yinquan ghost sect followed suit. They all came from the big city The prince has received a big order to find some ancient things in the ancient cave of Zhenlong before he can make a job. Zhan Lingshui\’s body galloped by the deep lake. Many people in the Dragon King\’s house have gathered here for a long time. \”Sister linger, where have you been? We\’ve been waiting for you here for a long time.\” The son of the Dragon King immediately came forward to offer hospitality, and his eyes did not hide his infatuation with Zhan Lingshui. Zhan Lingshui looked cold and frowned at his expression. He didn\’t mean to have a warm relationship with him, but said calmly: \”it\’s time to go and go to the ancient cave of Zhenlong. It\’s time for us to show our fists!\” When the people in the Dragon King\’s mansion shouted excitedly, they all walked together and went to the distance. In the deep valley, sour scholar Li Ru rescued 21 people in Mingshan mansion from the three great demons in the middle of the early Yang realm. He looked up at the distance. There was a dark fog winding in the Far East, and his sad face became more and more drooping: \”Are you going to start the war again? Alas, I\’m guilty. However, we must not miss Mingshan mansion this time. Let\’s start now.\” In a few days of searching, more than 100 people behind him had gathered together, and immediately stopped staying and went to the location of the ancient cave of Zhenlong. Chen Jiuyin, a few people in the Hunyuan mansion, gathered early. Their strength was detached. Even in this kind of space turbulence, their mutual induction was very strong. It was not a trouble to gather together people. \”Zhenlong ancient cave? It sounds interesting.\” evil Luo heard about Zhenlong ancient cave from Chen Jiuyin\’s mouth, and his face obviously revealed a look of interest. He looked greedy like an evil ghost. \”I hope there can be some good babies in it and make me happy.\” \”let\’s go.\” Chen Jiuyin said, \”This kind of thing must be Fang Yang. Killing him first is the right thing.\” \”I know, I can\’t delay you.\” Evil Luo smiled. Old Taoist Xu Fu of Baotian mansion stood respectfully aside and dared not look up at the people around him. Surrounded by a cluster of soft and gorgeous feathers, Zhan Shengsheng lay comfortably with a bloody big demon hoof in his hand. Suddenly he seemed to feel something. He looked into the distance and felt a strange smell coming out there. Old Xu Fu Seeing his expression, Tao said, \”it should be the location of the ancient cave of the real dragon. It\’s about to open.\” \”the ancient cave of the real dragon?\” Zhan Shengsheng threw away the flesh and blood in his hand and rubbed it on the luxurious plumes beside him. His eyes twinkled, \”It\’s interesting. I know this place in Longyuan mansion, but since it\’s Gu Long\’s lair, I might find some good congeniality. Hey, when I killed Gu Long, I also worked hard. Half of the so-called real dragon\’s ancient lair should belong to me! Go and have a look. It\’s time to collect what belongs to us ! \”behind him, the huge multicolored zhenluan straightened up. At this time, the big demon that dominated the Luofeng Valley has completely changed its appearance. Its feathers are still colorful, but its anger has greatly reduced. Instead, it has a more gloomy and cold meaning, especially between his eyes, it is red like a ghost.

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