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OK, Caixia, you don\’t want interest too? she looked at Liu Caixia deeply, and her eyes were meaningful.

This is the treasure they got when Chaimu palace was still wandering in the nether passage. At that time, Chaimu palace was not famous. It was only a small group of 20 people, but by chance, it crashed into an ancient relic between the seventh floor of the nether passage. Then they searched the ruins and got a lot of treasures. Chaimu Palace also rose with this, becoming the top 200 group in the nether passage, and then occupying the first floor of the nether passage at one fell swoop, becoming the overlord here. At that time, they got a total of 12 powerful secret treasures in the ruins, and this flying spear was one of them. The material and mysterious Qi of Feibi spear are difficult to detect, but it can be assured that it is an extremely rare ancient thing. It contains surging power. It can kill the second every time it is thrown through. No matter how strong the vigorous Qi is, it will be instantly broken by this spear, and then hit the body hard. He once killed a mountain climbing armour in the later stage of chuyang by virtue of the power of flying green spear. You should know that the armor skin of mountain climbing armour is hard. It has always been a headache opponent among martial artists. It can be killed by this flying green spear. It can be seen that it is powerful. However, although Feibi spear is powerful, when Jia song got it, he found that it was somewhat broken. Every time he used its power, it would spread the abundant surging power inside. After using it twice, the power has dissipated by as much as 40%. Aware of this, Jia song dared not use it any more. This time he came to hunt the Spinosaurus just to get the thorns on its back to repair the flying green spear. But I didn\’t expect that Fang Yang\’s means were so strong that he even felt that he was stretched out. He didn\’t care about anything immediately. Take out the flying green spear first and kill the son again! With his confidence in Feibi spear, it\’s just a move to kill Fang Yang! Jia song\’s right arm burst into strength and a spear was thrown out heavily. Looking at the green spear flying through the air, the speed was very fast, and the wind roared in my ears. It was almost like tearing the whole space apart. The green light in the air flashed like a green lightning. Fang Yang\’s face was solemn. When Feibi spear left his hand, he could also feel the power emerging from it. Immediately, Fang Yang didn\’t dare to be slighted. He moved his hands and pinched out the Taoist formula. He saw that the five handles and five elements of the blade immediately broke the air, swished past Fang Yang, and directly resisted the flying green spear. \”Five elements live and die!\” Fang Yang burst out, and the five sword blades gathered in one place. The five colors flowed and turned into a five element sword Gang, which was hit hard in the front. Bang! In a moment, the flying green spear hit the huge sword Gang, but the sword Gang condensed by the sword array did not play any effect at this time. Fang Yang saw that the green awn trembled, but a brain penetrated through the sword gang. The sound of Chi rang through, and the whole sword gang was instantly broken. The power of terror stabbed Fang Yang\’s five blades without any stagnation. Listening to the sound of metal and iron, the golden sword and earth sword were split into two in an instant under the penetration of Feibi spear, but it just stopped the momentum of Feibi spear, which was penetrating towards Fang Yang\’s chest. Fang Yang\’s pupil shrinks. \”What a powerful force!\”

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