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Because there are no seasonal vegetables at all, and she doesn\’t want to expose her secrets too much.

In the palm of his hand, there was a flash of light. Then he saw a palm sized printing platform galloping out. The printing platform expanded away from his hand. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a huge mountain. Mountains and stones rushed on his face and were brutally suppressed. Zhenshantai! As soon as these secret treasures came out, they attracted the mysterious Qi of heaven and earth here. They were all stagnant, and the momentum was terrible. \”Just in time!\” Seeing the rocks pressing down on his head, Fang Yang was happy and unafraid, and shouted, \”I\’d like to see whether your xuanbing is strong or my dragon body is hard!\” While he was talking, he moved and a dragon shadow flashed around Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s breath suddenly became unpredictable, just like a dragon shadow coming into the world and resisting it! Chapter 529 crazy sand flows like a chicken, and Fang Yang\’s mysterious air flows around him. His body is covered with a faint light of water jade. The luster is gorgeous, and it seems to form transparent scales. At this time, Fang Yang gives people It feels like a long dragon. It can be seen that the zhenshantai falls head-on with the power of mountains and stones, and Fang Yang does not dodge. The mysterious air between his palms quickly diffuses. Then the palm prints flow, and the mysterious air diffuses. As soon as he waves his big hand, the majestic seal method surges out. The mysterious air condenses into a huge palm, and the breath is unpredictable and thick. The palm prints seem to carry heaven The power of all things on the earth directly crashed into the mountain platform in mid air. Roar! The two forces contacted each other, that is, the violent bombing began, and the strong Qi stirred. The wind and cloud rolled between the collided mid air, forming a huge mysterious vortex, as if the heaven and earth were directly blown out of a hole. The martial people around were surprised, and the people who were a little closer to here also retreated in panic , for fear of being affected by their attack. Huang Mei\’s eyebrows were flying and his face was excited: \”this boy is OK! Look at this bearing. It\’s definitely not something that a martial artist in Tianyang of the early Jin Dynasty can have. What\’s the origin of this person?\” He looked at Fang Yang with bright eyes. Zheng Wanli was a man who had been famous for a long time. He was powerful. The mountain tower in his hand was also a rare treasure. It could transform mountain power and have boundless power. But it was these secret treasures that didn\’t take any advantage of Fang Yang\’s printing method. How could Huang Mei not be surprised. It was also rare for the Lun Jin man to put down the wine pot , looking at the battle with interest, he turned his mind and suddenly said with a smile: \”old ghost, guess which side will win the battle between this boy and Mingyue lake?\” \”Mingyue lake?\” Huang frowned, \”If you play with Zheng Wanli or open on July 3, this boy seems to have a lot of means. But where can he compare with Mingyue lake? There are so many martial artists in Mingyue lake, and there is an old guy Zhao Minghu. Don\’t tell me. I don\’t know his strength.\”

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