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Therefore, the dignified smile on her face is more prosperous, which is her own credit.

Because there was no Xuanqi and the spirit was weak, he could not see clearly and completely, but Fang Yang vaguely felt that his body had some other changes, which was not as bad as it seemed. However, at this time, the loss of cultivation was real. No matter how he urged, he could not have any contact with the inner government. Even said that because of the complete abolition of cultivation, the inner house has disappeared. \”Is it really useless?\” Fang Yang whispered. No matter what others say, Fang Yang will never give up. He clearly knows his constitution and where his limits are. Previously, he rashly urged the dragon eye pupil. Although it had a great impact on the overdraft burden of the body, this impact was definitely not enough to make him waste his cultivation. What\’s more, the dragon eye pupil consumed his own Qi, and the mysterious Qi and spirit of Fang Yang only played an auxiliary role. If you really want to waste, it is definitely not Fang Yang\’s cultivation that will waste first, but the dragon eye pupil. He felt it silently. There was an empty space between his eyebrows, and he couldn\’t feel the existence of dragon eyes. Fang Yang\’s body seemed to be shrouded in a mist, which shrouded all the things that originally belonged to him, and not only shrouded, but even isolated Fang Yang\’s connection. on one\’s own. Fang Yang thought of this word, which is the best word to describe him at this time. After sitting quietly for a moment, Fang Yang touched the storage ring. The power of the divine soul still remained, which could not be condensed into an attack, but there was no problem to open the storage ring. He thought and took out two things. The wine pot of ambergris and the half dragon jade pendant. If Fang Yang wants to verify whether his cultivation has really disappeared, he plans to start with these two things first. On half of the dragon jade pendant, the Dragon Spirit trembled slightly, and there was a faint flashing light. A faint dragon Qi penetrated from it. Even if Fang Yang didn\’t have the mysterious Qi in his body at this time, his crossing still didn\’t stop, but Fang Yang couldn\’t feel it, and he didn\’t know where the breath remained. Fang Yang was a little distracted. He suddenly thought of the previous battle with the blood devil. If he didn\’t use the four methods Qingyun and the dragon eye pupil, but used the Dragon Qi left in his body, would there be any change? After carefully pushing off several shots, he could only shake his head regretfully. Dragon Qi is used to catch off guard in close combat. It has a second kill effect, but he has been badly hurt before. Xuanqi can\’t be stimulated, let alone the violent dragon Qi. Moreover, the blood devil is the embodiment of immortality and immortality. He is evil and different. Even if Fang Yang can break his general body by relying on the Dragon Qi, he can recover quickly. After a blow, the Dragon Qi in Fang Yang\’s body was consumed. This perception could not be concealed. There was still only a dead end to meet them. No matter what you think, there is only four methods, Qingyun and Longyan Tong. So Fang Yang has no regrets. At least they are still alive.

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