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Seeing this, Shen Xian thought she was afraid of herself and jealous of herself. I am very satisfied in my heart. Even if Shen Ling gets happy for a while, nothing has changed. However, she looked at Shen Ling\’s face, white as if shining, and a trace of jealousy flashed in her eyes.

\”Ah!\” screamed. After the evil Qi was reunited, it flowed into the warrior\’s body from the seven hole skin. A moment later, a large group of evil Qi disappeared into the warrior\’s body. After that, the warrior who looked at him made a roar, and his flesh and blood suddenly expanded. The original tall and short body of an ordinary adult doubled, his skin was green, his face was ferocious, and his eyes were green. Under the evil spirit into the body, these martial arts have been eroded into the soul and occupied the flesh. They have become evil demons! \”It\’s the hell soldier of the emperor!\” Li mubai saw this and his face sank. The last time the Emperor Ming was alive, he fed the martial arts and cultivated Yin soldiers by relying on his evil Qi. There were 100000 Yin soldiers at that time! As long as the emperor is still there, no matter how many demons he has lost, as long as there are plenty of evil spirits, he will have as many as he wants! \”Go! Don\’t give evil spirits a chance to get close!\” Li mubai roared. Many martial artists also saw the evil spirit of the Ming emperor entering the body. When they had to watch the martial artists who were originally companions turn into this ferocious and terrible look, they were scared white. They didn\’t need Li mubai\’s reminder at all. They just accelerated in an instant and ran to the yin-yang immortal hall. The Emperor Ming was just a person, but he ran after thousands of warriors. Where he passed, the number of Yin soldiers increased rapidly. From the first ten to thirty or fifty blinks, the number of Yin soldiers was more than 300. Yin soldiers gathered and came with the killing of the Emperor Ming. There was only one thought in everyone\’s mind, that is, hurry back to the yin-yang array. Only the protection of Yin-Yang array can stop the evil Qi attack of Xiaming emperor, so that they will not be affected by evil Qi and become Yin soldiers. More and more martial artists approached the yin-yang Liuxian hall and saw that the big array was in front. Everyone was happy, and their tense mind was relieved. \”Go in quickly and resist the emperor with the help of the big array!\” someone shouted angrily. The crowd flew down one after another, but before they fell into the array, a roar of vibration echoed out. Yin and Yang stayed in the immortal hall. The mysterious Qi was made, roared and cracked. After a huge tremor, I saw the large array filled the whole palace. It suddenly trembled, and then slowly dispersed. The Yin Yang array is broken!?

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