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Chapter 6 flower feast

At this time, the general of Jinjia was not confident. He hurried to hear the speech; \”No, she\’s not here. She was escorted away the day before, thinking about going to Tianbing city. Jiang Tianyan personally led the team, and there was a golden general.\” Fang Yang\’s face sank. Sure enough, they are not here because they acted ahead of time after their actions were exposed? They had intended to catch them all, but in the end, all the martial artists left in Tianyan city died here. \”Who else is inside except Liao Fan?\” Fang Yang asked. \”This\” saw his face hesitant, and Fang Yang didn\’t say anything. He turned his fingertips and cut them off. With a puff, blood splashed, the golden armor general\’s right arm was directly cut off and flew out, howled miserably, and wriggled on the ground with his broken arm. \”Say.\” Fang Yang\’s tone is cold. The Jinjia general immediately dared not hide anything: \”we are separated. The person I contacted is only Liao Fan. I am not from the Longyuan Dynasty. I am the Jinjia selected by the poison emperor Dynasty, which is not comparable to the confidant of the Longyuan Dynasty. You find Wang Jin, the Jinjia general who works with Jiang Tianyan. He knows, he knows everything.\” Fang Yang\’s spirit felt on him, saw the appearance of the golden armor general, and knew that he was telling the truth. \”So, I understand.\” Fang Yang nodded. The gold armour general\’s complexion was relaxed. When he was about to say something, he saw that pure Yang Xuan Qi moved in Fang Yang\’s palm and threw it on him. Boom! The dark Qi of the burning sun burst, and the golden armor general didn\’t say a word, so he was completely swallowed by the dark Qi of the pure sun. \”I didn\’t say I would let you go.\” Fang Yang said. As soon as the golden armor general died, the soldiers around him were completely out of combat power. Listening to the sound of wailing, they fled around in a panic. In such a situation, occasionally there are a few people who want to fight to death, but it is also difficult to splash a little spray. They all die in the attack of Jianghe villa and dragon chopping club. This war is undoubtedly the most fruitful one for them! Fang Yang was not interested in the remaining silver armor generals and government soldiers. He went directly to Wang Shanming\’s side. Seeing that Wang Shanming was eroded by the dragon\’s power, Fang Yang grabbed his five fingers and obviously saw a golden light caught out of Wang Shanming\’s body.

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