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OK. Qian Shi saw that she was really tired. Just as she had something else to ask Shen Xian, she repeatedly promised, ling\’er, go back first. I\’ll ask ho\’er to send you some porridge later. You must be hungry. she looked concerned.

He had the courage to say the words of killing the black dragon. Huofan felt a burst of regret at the thought of what he had done. In particular, the wind dance looked like this. \”If I hadn\’t boasted about coming to find something, the wind dance wouldn\’t have followed! Now it\’s my fault, my fault! It\’s dragging her to death for nothing!\” the fire fan bit his teeth and bled. He staggered and wanted to go to the wind dance. At least, he wanted to let himself die in front of her \”A group of mole ants, now die!\” Zhan Shengsheng looked at this scene, only with a deep sneer. He was too lazy to play again, so he had to kill them directly. But before long Xi could gather, his body trembled and seemed to feel something. \”My dragon blood\” He opened his eyes and looked down. Chapter 755 Wan GUI killed Yu Zhan\’s life. He suddenly felt that the smell of his black dragon\’s blood had disappeared. At the first time he felt this, his thought was \”impossible! There must be something wrong!\” It\’s the blood of the black dragon, the congenital Xuanbao, the first evil dragon in heaven and earth. What a powerful level, no matter what kind of attack, it should not cause damage to it. Moreover, it has been completely refined by him. Under the cultivation of its own corpse and ghost Qi, its power has become stronger. How can it disappear? Moreover, it has been planted in Fang Yang\’s body! He immediately ignored the wind dance and fire fan in front of him, and turned to look at Fang Yang. Glancing at him, Zhan Shengsheng found that Fang Yang, who was sitting quietly in the distance, suddenly disappeared at this moment A sense of panic appeared on his face. At the next moment, the dark Qi behind him exploded and hit the black dragon\’s back heavily. Zhan Shengsheng only felt the great force sweeping through and the whole huge body was thrown out. Not only that, Zhan Shengsheng could also feel that a surge of fire penetrated into the flesh and blood, and the bursting force was extremely strong, even strong His ghost spirit was greatly limited. What attack was it? Why was it so strong? He was shocked all his life. When he was hit and flew, his eyes also saw the back. As a result, he saw a figure wrapped in fire. Fang Yang!

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