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Hearing this, the young man immediately ignored his breath and hurriedly said, in the house, there is a decree in the house.

But at this time, Lei Qilin, who had been forgotten by the public, regained his strength. Suddenly, he roared wildly, and the power of lightning came out violently and roared everywhere. Because Sima Xiangshan is the closest, it bears the brunt of this violent lightning. Countless thunder and lightning suddenly filled the air, and rushed to Sima Xiangshan. The power of Lei Qilin was terrible. Under the explosion, infinite thunder and lightning concentrated on him, and Shengsheng stopped his action. Obstructed by thunder and lightning, Sima Xiangshan failed to catch the Golden Dragon halberd and was hit hard by the blow. In the roar, Sima Xiangshan was shrouded in light. Seeing this, Fang Yang brightened his eyes and shouted, \”go!\” his intact left hand grabbed Zhan Lingshui. He happened to see Wansen standing up and roared at Wansen. Wansen woke up as if from a dream. He also knew that under the condition of Sima Xiangshan, they could not fight against each other. He immediately gritted his teeth and flew away. Fang Yang handed over the war spirit water in his hand, and then turned his head. Behind him, in the thunder light, a body shape was slowly revealed again. With this sweep, Fang Yang\’s complexion became extremely poor. Sima Xiangshan\’s figure was completely revealed. Previously, no matter the diffuse of countless lightning or the strong attack of Golden Dragon halberd, he had not left any trauma on him, and his clothes were still as clean as snow. Even if it was the sudden attack of the Golden Dragon halberd, the effect of breaking gang was suddenly and completely lost on Sima Xiangshan. Unexpectedly, it had not torn the clothes on him. Sima Xiangshan frowned slightly and looked at the light dust left on his clothes, obviously showing a look of unhappiness. \”Beast, do you really think you are a natural alien and can do whatever you want? Come here!\” his eyes showed a cold look. He looked at Lei Qilin and suddenly stretched out his hand. Originally, Lei Qilin broke out and just wanted to escape with the help of this time, but he didn\’t expect that the person he offended was not a simple person. Before his body fled, Sima Xiangshan stretched out his hand and saw Lei Qilin\’s huge body. It was like being tightly held by an invisible arm. He roared a series of times and wanted to struggle out, But it didn\’t work. Lei Qilin is flustered and struggling desperately, but under such circumstances, any of his actions are superfluous. Sima Xiangshan seems to be really annoyed. Even the joint attack of Fang Yang and Zhan Lingshui did not leave him any trauma. This little Lei Qilin dared to dirty his clothes. \”Give me your kylin essence!\” Sima Xiangshan roared and waved his spare left hand to the front.

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