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However, Li Feng\’s words rang in his ears again. Many young masters of honor are extremely obsessed. For a moment, Mu Zhao frowned and thought of Du Ling\’s plan to train soldiers. Maybe those young masters of honor need to exercise well.

\”Ha\” Li Siyu was amused by his embarrassed appearance. How could she not know Lin Cheng\’s mind? It\’s not that she hasn\’t talked about her boyfriend before. She naturally knows this kind of thing. Moreover, the old lady mentioned her last time. Why didn\’t she understand that Lin Cheng pursued her in disguise. Although this kind of bad policy made her unhappy, Li Siyu thought a lot these days. She never thought about dying alone. She used to think that this body was too young and had more time to play. But now when she met this man, she began to think about it. Whether it\’s appearance, figure or ability to work. Lincheng is undoubtedly the leader of the young people. Even the original Pei Zihao can\’t compare with Lin Cheng\’s current status. So there is such a suitor. Li Siyu thought about it for a few days and wondered if he should try to accept it? Lin Cheng was stunned by her sudden laughter. He was a little confused about her attitude now. He looked at Li Siyu uneasily. The more he looked, the more he couldn\’t open his eyes. She really looks best in light yellow. Since Li Siyu has made a decision in his heart, he is not a procrastinator. She smiled at Lin Cheng and said, \”since you said I was your object, I\’ll admit it. Now send me to school.\” \”ah?\” \”ah?\” Lin Cheng and Li Chengcai were surprised by her words and shouted out in one voice. Li Siyu looked at Lin Cheng unhappily, \”why, did you go back?\”

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