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However, Miss Shen, Pearl suddenly stayed by herself and whispered to Shen Ling, do you know? Mother Qinghe has bad luck again.

Secretary Qiu nodded, took the manuscript and went back. Back to the office, he went to Secretary Niu\’s desk and said, \”Vice Mayor Cao said that you should take back the manuscript of the newcomer today.\” Secretary Niu was not only stunned by his words, but Secretary Wen and Secretary Li Siyu were also stunned. Secretary Wen glanced vaguely at Secretary Li Siyu and Secretary Qiu. Should they be relatives? Secretary Niu was a little surprised, but he honestly took the manuscript handed over by Secretary Qiu. He thought about it and asked, \”what\’s the problem?\” Secretary Qiu looked at others and said: \”Let\’s go out and talk.\” This time, I handed in Li Siyu\’s manuscript to beat Secretary Niu. Secretary Niu graduated from high school and had an ordinary degree. When he entered the secretary room, he brought it with him. Compared with the previous steadiness and steadiness, his writing is a little tricky. He doesn\’t want to see this. After all, he has worked together for more than a year, so he\’s used to it. Secretary Niu The book went out with Secretary Qiu. Secretary Wen looked at Li Siyu and said, \”are you related to Secretary Qiu?\” because Secretary Qiu is married and has both children, she doesn\’t think Secretary Qiu will have an unclear relationship with Li Siyu. Li Siyu glanced at her, \”why do you say that?\” She really didn\’t understand why Secretary Wen\’s cognition was only nepotism. Secretary Wen sneered, \”it doesn\’t matter. People will hand your manuscript to Vice Mayor Cao?\” Secretary Wen didn\’t believe she had any talent. Seeing that she was so young, she graduated from junior high school? It\’s strange that she could write a manuscript to the vice mayor. Li Siyu nodded with a smile and said: \”What do you think?\” Secretary Wen was stunned. She thought, \”you mean you have relatives with Secretary Qiu?\” she thought to herself, wouldn\’t it be so coincidental?

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