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\”What do you want to say? Why did you come out?\” the little daughter-in-law who couldn\’t get on the table said Lin Cheng. \”Daughter in law, I want to eat that barbecue too.\” Lin Cheng Kaba looked at her with eyes full of flash. Chapter 203 warned about barbecue? Li Siyu looked at him, smiled and said, \”did you hear us in the afternoon?\” it turned out that she was thinking about barbecue. She said, why did you come so early, this greedy cat! \”Well, do less today.\” Li Siyu didn\’t want to refuse him, nodded and agreed. In the evening, she roasted some pork with the fire left over from cooking. Because she didn\’t go out at home, she couldn\’t smuggle out other meat at all. Li Siyu brought the last barbecue to the table. In addition to barbecue, there were stewed beans (ubiquitous beans). The old lady can\’t eat too much barbecue. It\’s easy to get angry, so she stewed vegetables and stewed rice. Lin Cheng enjoyed the meal. The barbecue was really delicious. However, Lin Cheng, who came home, began to run to the toilet again. He couldn\’t digest well. It\’s really easy to have diarrhea when eating this kind of thing. A few days later, Li Siyu met Secretary Zhao. He said he did. In fact, people were looking for her. \”Officer Li, do you have time in the evening?\” Secretary Zhao asked with a smile on his face. Li Siyu nodded. \”Do you have time for secretary Zhao?\” \”Secretary Fu has something to say to you. I\’ll wait for you at the last state-owned hotel after work in the evening.\” Secretary Zhao took the words and left. Li Siyu looked at her leaving figure and was silent for a moment. Secretary Fu looked for her. I guess he also wanted to beat her? After all, the last time she lied with Deputy Secretary Zhang, as long as Tang Hong said it, they would know. \”Oh, I\’ve been so tired recently.\” just entering the office, I heard Xu Weinan complaining there, rolled up his sleeve and rubbed his lower neck. The lady\’s watch in her hand can be seen at once. Li Siyu is really sick. Who can envy her for a watch?

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