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Yes, said Qian. No, you have a good home. I\’m afraid xian\’er also wants to find one.

At Li Siyu\’s house, several people were watching the excitement outside, but the gate of the yard had been opened and the lock on it was helplessly thrown on the ground. Li Siyu was almost out of breath. How could there be such a person? She turned to the humanitarian behind her: \”you can watch the public security Tongzhi. This is a private house. They want to forcibly occupy my house.\” The three policemen were also stunned. How could such a thing happen? \”Don\’t worry, it\’s a criminal act. Let\’s go in.\” an older Public Security Comrade took the lead in. \”Oh, what a shameless couple.\” The aunt of the neighborhood committee saw clearly in the back. Isn\’t this a robbery? After several people went in, they saw Wu Laosan and his wife wandering around the yard and were going to pry open other door locks. \”Stop it all!\” the Public Security Comrade came forward and stopped Wu Laosan\’s three systems and pressed them on the ground to keep him from moving. \”Oh, my God, the sky has turned, and the Public Security Comrade hit someone!\” Old Wu\’s third daughter-in-law started to spill when she sat on the ground. The shouts were almost catching up with the killing of pigs. People outside also went to the door and looked inside. At a glance, they saw that old Wu was pressed on the ground. \”We didn\’t beat people! It\’s you two who broke into people\’s houses and openly damaged others\’ finances. You two come with me!\” The old Public Security Comrade picked up Wu Laosan and handed it to another gay man. \”What\’s breaking into a private house! This is my house! Are you sick!\” The third daughter-in-law of Wu was so angry that others couldn\’t help covering their ears. It was more harsh than a loud speaker. Everyone else looked at the scene in front of them and sighed that the third daughter-in-law of Wu could do it. \”Your family? You take out the evidence to prove that this is your family.\” The public security comrades are obviously not afraid of her. I did all chapter 266. Before coming, Li Siyu showed all the written evidence to the public security and the aunt of the neighborhood committee testified. Therefore, the third Wu family is playing rogue, and she can\’t bring out any evidence. Of course, the third Wu daughter-in-law can\’t bring it out. She heard that her mother-in-law moved away and the house was transferred to a little girl. She is I heard that the other party was a girl and dared to come here to play a rogue. Unexpectedly, the man actually called the public security. \”I have lived here for so many years, and the neighbors know that she lied to my father-in-law and mother-in-law.\” the third daughter-in-law of Wu couldn\’t give evidence, so she had to catch the reason that Li Siyu lied to the old man. But the Public Security Comrade said \”Your father-in-law is only in her fifties. She is not confused at all. Your eldest brother and second brother have signed the note, so there is no deception.\”

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