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Looking at the injuries on his body, Ming Yuyan unexpectedly discovered some problems. Shanghai looked bruised and bruised, even with bones, and she was already crumbling, but for some reason, she always felt that this guy was pretending. of.

Shanghai Shuangpu shone with excitement. After experiencing the Battle of the Servant Palace, he has not been so excited for a long time. In particular, the opponent in front of him is an opponent who is almost the same as himself, and he is also a \”self\” who knows everything about himself. Such an opponent is too difficult to find.Remnant magic!The double pupils flashed Dao Yun, and penetrated into the body of \”self\”, surprisingly the same effect of reducing 30% appeared, and the gap between them was leveled again.Xiaocheng\’s tremor technique came out, Shanghai and the other side trembling together, the two figures intertwined, and there were violent trembling ripples in the void. I saw a series of jagged cracks appearing, and the void caused by the tremor technique appeared. Minor cracks.Bang bang bang…The two forces kept colliding with each other, and the Shanghai Vietnam War became more excited. Through the \”self\” demonstration of the tremor, he continued to comprehend and gradually deepened his understanding of the tremor, although it could not be transformed into a direct combat for the time being. Power, but he has a hunch that if he continues to cultivate like this, it will only take a while, and the shaking skills are expected to reach great success.certainly!Shanghai\’s ability to capture the loopholes of the \”self\” in the use of Xiaocheng Zhenzhen so quickly lies entirely in his sense of heaven.After about thirty breaths, Shanghai discovered that the three basic magic skills used by the \”self\” came and went, and there was no fusion of the two basic magic skills, and the power used by the opponent was not chaotic power, but It\’s just a power equal to the power of its own chaotic power.The power of chaos contains thirty-six kinds of great power in it. Even though the power of \”self\” is equivalent, there is a lot of difference in level. It can be tied in a short time, but as time goes by, \”self\” Gradually eroded by the power of chaos, its power gradually weakened.In addition, Shanghai also felt that the \”self\” could not imitate the blood of the ancient demon. Obviously, this kind of mysterious blood could not be imitated in the mystery of the self.It looks like it\’s almost done. This first level of\’self\’ is equivalent to me in the use and understanding of basic magic skills. If we continue, it will be difficult to realize anything. Shanghai immediately shook his body. , The right arm stretched out like a dragon, and the chaotic power burst out completely, hitting the \”self\” with a punch on the chest, the power poured into the body, and the \”self\” was directly torn into pieces.Has the first level passed?Looking ahead, Shanghai saw some strange fluctuations in the originally dark space, and then turned into a huge whirlpool, not much different from the entrance of the secret realm. He could be sure that he had passed the first floor.Without rushing over, Shanghai stood in place, closed his eyes slightly, and realized the previous battle with the first layer of \”self\”. This is a very precious combat experience. It can not only find out one\’s own weaknesses, but also strengthen oneself. .It’s no wonder that the third brother said that this is the best mystery for honing magical skills. I only fought against the first level of\’self\’ for a while. The realm of Dacheng, but as long as you continue to cultivate in this way, you will break through sooner or later.Shanghai looked at the second floor, with a glimmer of expectation in his eyes, \”I don\’t know how far the second level\’s \”self\” will reach.\” After adjusting the state to the best, he stepped into the vortex leading to the second floor.At this moment, when Shanghai began to fight on the second floor, it was a bit strange outside.Ling Xuanhao\’s expression was full of worry, because thirty breaths have passed, and Shanghai hasn\’t come out yet. Could something happen? Or is he already past the first level? If this is the case, it would be really surprising.It’s not uncommon to enter the mystery of self for the first time and pass the first level at one time. The first level not only tests the tenacity of the mind, but also the existence of a \”self\” equivalent to one\’s own strength. An opponent who is exactly the same as himself, who is not tenacious in mind, can hardly survive.


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