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How long has the swallowed secret realm remained? How big is it? Fei Shengyu asked in a deep voice.

Such figures appeared in the Golden God clan…He looks quite young, he should be less than a hundred years old… After the three elders came to a conclusion, there was a chill in their hearts.It’s not as good as the demon god clan. Now even the younger generation of the golden god clan has completely overwhelmed the spirit god line, and there has also been a descendant of extremely high bloodline. Although the blood line of the spirit profound sword is also 30%, both It\’s half of the bloodline.Don\’t underestimate this half-success. If this person has cultivated to the same level and possesses considerable aptitude, the chance of winning against this person is only about 10% with the Lingxuan Sword. This is the difference caused by the number of bloodlines. Middle is an unchanging law.Thinking of this, the hearts of the three elders sank to the bottom.Unexpectedly, in his lifetime, he saw that the Lingshen line had entered a state of decline. Although it has not completely declined, it is not far away. This has to be said to be a kind of sadness.See you at the Hundred Clan Conference, yes, the patriarch of the spirit, I also need a drop of the blood of the spirit god. Of course, the patriarch of the spirit is naturally not willing to take it out now, but it does not matter, it will be soon, you\’d better pray, don\’t I met us… After Jin Yuqian finished speaking, he raised his head and laughed, waving his sleeves and preparing to take people away.The faces of everyone in the Lingshen line were gloomy to the extreme, and their chests contained monstrous anger, but they couldn\’t release it.Ling Zhantian\’s expression became even more ugly, his face also turned pale, his eyes fixed on Jinyouqian and others who were about to leave.Patriarch Jin stayed.At this time, a clear voice came from the line of the spirit god, and then a figure crossed out, standing in front of everyone, under the pressure of the god city, his body was as straight as a gun.Eight brother… Ling Xuanhao and the others were startled when they saw that Shanghai was standing out.FTLN 0800 I am a manEven Ling Zhantian and the three elders looked at Shanghai in surprise, not knowing what he wanted to do to stand up at this time.Haoer, don\’t mess around… The second elder hurriedly prepared to stop Shanghai.He was anxious and worried. It is no wonder that the generation of the spirits and gods has withered, and only the spirit profound sword can not support the entire spirits and gods. Fortunately, they still have a hope, and this hope is undoubtedly It is Shanghai.Although only the strength of the realm of the venerable, Shanghai is extremely young, less than fifty years old, and among the ancient gods, he can only be regarded as a young generation who has just grown up, but he has rushed through the fifth level of the self secret realm. In the past 30,000 years, only three people have been able to pass through the fifth layer in the spirit and god line.And these three people, all of them are outstanding, including Ling Zhantian, the father of Shanghai, and the first two people. One is the well-deserved first power in the spirit and god line, and the other is from the previous Hundred Clan Conference. Second place, it’s a pity that Shanghai’s father has been missing for a long time. If he is still there, once he succeeds to the next generation of patriarchs, the Lingshen line will have a chance to become the first branch of the ancient protoss in!For Shanghai, the three elders also responded with high hopes, but now that Shanghai has not yet grown up, they will naturally not let Shanghai travel in any way, otherwise the generation of the spirits and gods will decline.


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