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The eyes of Yifeng and others were splitting, their seriously injured bodies rushed forward, and they were about to fight the male servant on the spot.

Immediately, the two Lingxuanhao took a step back.after all!This matter was caused by Yuan proud, and naturally it was handled by his father Yuan Tianjue.Niezha, you made trouble in Yintian City first, and then severely wounded the Lord of our city, ruining its foundation, and still not humiliating? Yuan Tianjue shouted.The sound waves trembled, the void shattered one after another, and the power of the semi-saint master was so terrifying that even Shanghai felt unparalleled pressure.Am I making trouble in Silver Sky City?Shanghai sneered coldly and said: \”My lord, are you really sure that I caused the trouble first? Not that they intended to frame me first?\”presumptuous!Nonsense, how can you frame the Lord as the law enforcer of the Silver Sky City, it is obviously you who are the first to spit people.The strong men of all the big families who came to the scene spoke one after another.Death is still sophistry. Yuan Tianjue\’s face was cold, and he interrupted everyone\’s words. He also knew what virtue his son was, framing outsiders, and blackmailing is not a matter of once or twice, but before. He pressed it down with one hand.As the lord of the city, Yuan Tian Jue is not stupid. From what his son Yuan Ao said, he can see the flaws. He can hurt Yuan Ao\’s Venerable Fantian, and he holds a divine tool. How could such a character send someone to do it? Theft? No matter how you look at it, there are many flaws in this matter.In any case, it is a fact that Yuanao was abolished.Original City Lord, this person said that he was framed, can you listen to him first? The Ling Xuanhao on the side couldn\’t help but say.I really am afraid of what comes from, Yuan Tianjue\’s heart sank slightly. He originally interrupted everyone\’s discussion, just to avoid talking too much, the flaws will become bigger and bigger, if there is no Ling Xuanhao two, no matter what Shanghai says Nothing matters.But these two people were there, and it was hard to suppress them.Three Young Masters, this person is sinister and cunning, and what he said may not be true. If you rely on his one-sided words, how to win the trust of everyone… Yuan Tian said embarrassedly.Indeed, I really want to hear what he said. Ling Xuanhao said.this……Yuan Tianjue\’s cheek twitched a few times, and he lowered his head helplessly, \”Since the three young masters have said so, it is better for Yuan to be respectful.\”


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