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Emperor Cheng Yuan placed Shen Ling in the house, closed the door, came to the statement and looked at him condescending. There was a strong evil spirit on his handsome face.

Li Chengcai was silent. He really wanted to, but he lacked courage and no one encouraged him. He is in his thirties, not as capable…

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By the way, suddenly a servant girl nearby heard Shen Xian\’s words and thought of something. She couldn\’t help looking at the CHILDES present and said in a trembling and soft voice. The servant seemed to look at childe Chen to find Miss Shen.

OK, I\’ve solved a troublesome problem. she smiled and patted Lin Cheng on the shoulder. She was able to solve her problems. Lin Cheng smiled…

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However, Li Feng\’s words rang in his ears again. Many young masters of honor are extremely obsessed. For a moment, Mu Zhao frowned and thought of Du Ling\’s plan to train soldiers. Maybe those young masters of honor need to exercise well.

\”Ha\” Li Siyu was amused by his embarrassed appearance. How could she not know Lin Cheng\’s mind? It\’s not that she hasn\’t talked about her…

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